6 Key Benefits of Resolving Dispute Through a Binding Arbitration Agreement



Disputes are inevitable in a place of business or work. A disagreement can happen at any time between business partners and owners, and employees. However, no one ever wants them, and if a conflict occurs almost every time, both parties desire to end them without having to go to court and shred expensive filing fees. For this reason, there are arbitration programs.

One binding arbitration definition can be that the decision made by the appointed judge of the dispute (the arbitrator) is final and enforced on all participants. Usually, this agreement is predefined and agreed on with contracts or other legal forms, and the end decision should be agreed upon by the parties involved. If you’re a company owner or even a consumer, the following benefits of an arbitration agreement may sound helpful, albeit the contract seems forced:


Cost-Efficient for Both Parties

Going for an arbitration process is a lot more cost-effective for businesses and employees alike. No one wants to spend thousands on court and filing fees and take time out to hearings and court decisions. The court process may even have the same result that arbitration could have formulated, which much lesser costs going into it. Not to mention, there is always the need for a lawyer in court filing for disputes who can hurt your bank balance that even the compensation amount won’t be able to fix.


Saves Time

Who in their busy, eventful, and peaceful life has the time to invest in lengthy court hearings and consultations to resolve a not-so-demanding dispute? Arbitration is a fast process and one that is easy to organize and get a productive outcome of.

As the parties involved, mostly the contract holder, are responsible for arranging and setting precedes and methods of the rulings, and the availability of an arbitrator is more convenient than a courtroom judge, the process becomes evidently time-saving.


No Need for a Jury

When a jury is involved in a dispute case, it usually gets lengthy and severe. There will be a need to provide evidence, and the jury taking their time going over it to give a decision which then goes through the judge to be finalized and pronounced. All this can be damaging to a business. Not only does it take time, but it is also many times not needed. For this reason, for several business disputes, a single decision-making party can be enough not to complicate and magnify the bad situation.

However, in case of a serious dishonest act committed by the other party and evidence to support it, it can be essential to have a jury present to get the judgment required. However, once agreed on a binding or forced arbitration, any dispute with that party will only happen through arbitration unless there is some narrow area and the contract maker doesn’t satisfy their terms well.


Remain Friends

It’s best to avoid too much disagreement and an argumentative environment been people and parties that have to work together to make ends meet on both sides. With a serious environment at all times, work can get affected, and the passion can disappear. For this reason, dispute resolution through arbitration is ideal as it gets rid of the problem by helping parties involved face each other and get the issue solved as they see fit. This way, they can manage work relationships well and have a better, communicative environment to get troubles resolved without entering court and then cutting all ties.


The Arbitrator is Chosen by Mutual Decision

Unlike court cases where different parties choose their own representatives and have dissimilar terms, they want each other to agree on; through arbitration, the final decision can be made in favor of everyone involved. This is through the appointing of one decision-maker and representative that both parties choose and agree on, the arbitrator. As a result, the decision usually comes out advantageous for everyone’s benefit and is a mutual outcome that keeps all parties forthcoming.


Stays Confidential

In the business world, reputation matters a lot, whether you’re an employee or an employer. And having your rights preserved during a dispute should be a given without damaging your image as much as possible. This can happen only with a process like binding arbitration, where no one other than the parties and the company involved knows about the dispute and judges it. The matter can be taken care of without any harmful damage to the frontage while careful decisions are made for all parties inside the arbitration process.