6 Key Ways To Market Your Business Offline


Social media is very often the focus of many marketing campaigns these days. There are so many articles out there concerning growing your reach through the fine-tuning of your Facebook targetting. Of course, there have been major developments occurring within the AI algorithms that marketing firms are implementing that are able to directly target specific individuals based on such a vast range of criteria. Marketing your business online is, of course, a very beneficial way of engaging with potential customers, it can often seem like the holy grail of marketing techniques, and one that many smaller businesses fixate on a lot. So much so, that they entirely neglect traditional forms of marketing, and end up investing all of their money and resources into their social media campaigns. 


Social media is a major area in many people’s lives. Some people spend hours every day on social media websites and apps. Others check notifications on a very regular basis. The world has really adapted to social media, and it is hard to remember what life was like without it. However, we all still live in a physical world. We all interact with other people every day. While the nature of the workplace may have changed, and many people opt to work remotely, people still go out to work every day. The world outside is real, and we can interact with marketing messages all of the time. If you are a small business leader, it is vital that you remember that traditional, physical forms of marketing are still very much relevant, and worthy of your investment. 


Add Your Branding To Items That Match Your Service


If you provide a service to customers, putting your branding onto a complimentary item that they will take away with them will ensure that they will remember your brand for next time. If they pass that item onto anyone else, or the item is something that will be used or seen, then you will be spreading your message. 


Complimentary items cost very little to produce, and you are giving them to customers anyway, so they can, in fact, be included in your costs. 


Think about items such as personalized air fresheners if you run a car wash or valet service, or even a garage or parts center for that matter. 


Talk Directly With Your Potential Customers


Direct marketing has long been a very effective technique. Contacting people in their homes, either by phone or by knocking on their door, or stopping people in the street to talk about your products may seem like a dated way of getting your message across. Many businesses these days tend to avoid this type of contact too, as it is often seen as pushy.


But if you approach people in the right way and do not try and use the hard-sell, it is likely that would-be customers would warm to the ideas that are being communicated. It is important to understand that people are sociable at heart. They like to buy from other people. Direct marketing campaigns can be very effective if you can find a good way of building up that trusting bond between your brand and the customer. 


Use The Side Of A Bus


The roads are filled with potential customers. While drivers all have somewhere else that they need to be, it is possible to effectively market your products and services to them. The traffic jam is a great place to find an audience for your brand. 


Using the side of a bus will provide the perfect place for a very simple marketing message. You need to think about how long a driver will be able to view this advertisement for realistically. You may only have a few seconds, or less, in which to grab their attention and make them understand what it is that you are offering them. Your advert needs to be simple and immediate. 


Newspaper Advertising


Don’t overlook the old fashioned forms of media. Many people have long been talking about the demise of printed forms of media such as newspapers and magazines. It is claimed that because we get our news online these days, and read blogs for our lifestyle tips, that we have no need for magazines and papers. While it may be true that readership has dropped in some areas. But there are also a lot more publications out there. 


There are some demographics that really react well to printed media. And it can also be very effective if you want to attract people within a certain area to use local newspapers. 


Magazines can be very effective too. Often, a magazine may be left in a waiting room for months and will be picked up and read by lots of people. 




The side of roads is another great place to put adverts to attract the attention of people who are stuck behind the wheels of their car. Again, you need to make this type of advert eye-catching and bold. It needs to tell a story, and it needs to tell it quickly. You don’t want to distract the driver completely from the road, but you need to manage to get the relevant information about what you are offering and who you are. You could also opt for digital billboard options. 


Inside Trains And Buses


The inside of trains and buses is a great place for you to put an advertisement. A vast number of people commute each day. And, if you take some of the busiest commuting trains, such as underground tube systems in major cities, you could reach millions of people each week with your adverts. 


Adverts inside the trains and buses themselves can be more detailed than those on the exteriors of vehicles, or even than those on the concourse and platforms. The amount of time a passenger spends on the vehicle will mean that they will be able to digest much more informative adverts, meaning you can get a more in-depth brand message across.