6 Money Saving Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors


Granted, the benefits of participating at a trade show outweigh the costs associated with it, but the fact remains that trade shows are a huge investment for your company. That’s exactly why you should always look for ways to cut costs, without compromising on quality.

It is possible to lower your trade show marketing costs, without skimping on the essentials, says an expert at Backdrop Banner Printing, a leading banner printing company that offers a wide variety of Backdrop Banner Printing. Saving money shouldn’t be your primary concern, but use the below tips to make sure you aren’t paying more than you should.

1. Look for early bird discounts

Booking booth rentals, hotels, flights early often get you a huge discount on the original price. Why not use this opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on your trade show marketing? You can even get discount from your car rental services, food delivery, banner printing and banner designing services, just for booking early. Whether you are looking for custom step and repeat backdrop banner printing or custom vinyl printing, book at least six months in advance to get a hefty discount.

2. Make a checklist

Before you travel to your trade show venue, check if you’ve packed everything. Often, trade show exhibitors forget to pack a lot of the essentials. Mistakes like this can cost you hundreds of dollars on buying new products on-site. One way to avoid this mistake is by making a checklist of essential items you want carry. This list may include batteries, extension cords, lights, 8×8 banner stands and outdoor flags, to name but a few.

3. Carry portable display items

When buying trade show exhibits, look for items that are easy to pack, unpack and ship. Portable and lightweight items like step and repeat banner stands save you a lot on shipping and storing charges. It is also easy and cost effective to change your graphic designs in some banners.

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4. Purchase certain items locally

Considering the high cost of shipping monitors and trade show accessories, it would be a good idea to buy those items from an online store that offers free shipping to your event venue.

5. Use battery powered lights

Electricity charges account for a major percentage of your event day expenses, but you can cut back on your on-site electricity needs. For instance, you can use a power bank to operate most of your small electronic appliances. Another good idea would to buy battery powered lights for your trade show booth. That way, you can save a lot on your electric bills.

6. Create non-specific graphics

If your company participates in more than two trade shows every year, you can cut back on your banner designing costs simply by using non-specific images on your trade show banners. Think about it. If you use event-specific step and repeat banners, you’ll not be able to use it again in another show. That’s not to say that your trade show banners cannot be made event-specific. One thumb rule says that 70% of the banner should have generic graphics, while the rest should be customized to the theme of the event you’re attending.

These are some tips to save money of your trade show marketing. Use them when appropriate, but never try to cut costs at the expense of quality.