6 Online Real Estate Business Tips To Consider In 2019


Conducting real estate business involves several layers and complexities. These include the all-important connections, which you need to make with your target audience.


Luckily, many modern economies are now in the digital age, which means everyone’s connected in some way online! This means that you can go online and set up websites, social media profiles, and even a company blog to draw in your clients.


Already set up in the real estate industry but not sure where to go from there? We’ll give you some tips below!


  1. Penetrate Into The Local Community

A real estate agent has to stay connected to their local community, whether they’re selling UC Davis housing for students or huge mansions. You need to look for people who want to buy and sell in your area. For this purpose, you should make use of geo-fencing and geo-targeting. This is possible through Instagram and Twitter by conducting a location search. Other ways of geo-targeting include using social advertising options on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. Use Video to Gain Competitive Edge

Whenever possible, try to include a video in your online content. With the short attention span of the average internet user, you need to draw in your audience using the most effective tools. A video is much easier to watch and more efficient at instilling information in the viewer’s minds than text or even pictures. The level of engagement on social media for videos is through the roof these days.


Videos will also enable you to show off your properties from all angles. You can also visit https://www.carmelapartments.com/uc-davis-west-village-davis-ca/ to get an idea of how apartments are being advertised with the perfect video and 3D tour, and that too within the website. If you use live options on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll also get some essential direct time with your prospective clients.


  1. Give Second Priority To Images


Videos aren’t always possible or even applicable in certain aspects of a real estate business, so photos are the next best option. Hire a professional photographer in order to present the properties in the most attractive manner. Sort the images into Facebook albums or arrange them in an attractive grid on your Instagram page. Pin them on your Pinterest boards and make sure to add a geotag whenever possible.


  1. Engage With People

Your whole target audience is probably online for most of their waking hours. If they’re in search for real estate, you want them to come to you. Enable this by remaining active on discussion forums, online meeting points, and engagements with relevant people in your industry.


Answering questions on Facebook groups and real estate forums can greatly help in building your reputation offline as well as online. This will motivate potential clients to visit and like your profiles and ask for your real estate services.


  1. Invest Time In Web Design

In addition to one or two active social media profiles, you also want an operative, user-friendly website. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly as well, as many people browse online on their phones while on the go. Your business deals with visuals, so everything must come up smoothly on computer, tablet, and smartphone screens.


  1. Nurture the Leads

Not enough businesses are taking advantages of the leads they get online. Go for email marketing and do what it takes to make your lead an actual client. In the real estate world, leads can last for months or even years. You want people to come to you for both selling and buying real estate, so stay in their sight. Once you have a strong hold on this aspect of business, your real estate venture will be booming in no time!