6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Dibond Signs


Dibond signage is popular in the printing industry because of its leading sales and exemplary quality. Dibond is an aluminum derivative that combines two pre-painted aluminum sheets that are sandwiched around a solid polyethylene core. If you are looking for a signage material that will serve you for years, then dibonds is the answer. Here are the benefits of dibond signage.

Dibond signage is durable

Aluminum is popular because of its strength and rigidity. Dibond signage is thin, incredibly lightweight, and very strong. It is perfect for outdoor signs and will last for years even in extreme weather. Dibond signage is an excellent choice if you are looking for a business sign that is rock solid and will not warp, split, shatter, or even bow.

Professional finish

Dibond signage may not cost you much; however, it will look expensive. Metal finishes tend to be very classy and will have a professional look. Whether you opt for a mirrored, polished, or brushed finishing, aluminum signs will always stand out. This makes dibond signs ideal for professional offices such as courtrooms, attorneys’ offices, higher education offices, and many more. These signs have a shiny finish that is extremely attractive.


Dibond signage is quite versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is unlike PVC and acrylic that are only ideal for indoor signage. Aluminum is waterproof and rustproof and this makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions and elements. It is perfect for street signs and it will last for several years without failing or breaking down. It can even last for decades when used indoors unlike wood and plastic.

Easily customizable

Dibond signs are extremely easy to customize to suit the needs of your business. You can screen print, apply colored vinyl decals or do lettering. In addition, you can custom-cut these signs into specialized cut-outs or unique shapes. Aluminum is an excellent canvas for all your business advertising ideas and will give your signs great personality and beauty.

Remarkably affordable

Due to its durability and sturdiness, you will expect dibonds to be the most expensive sign materials. However, it is the least expensive compared to other substrates such as redwood, and other plastics. With regards to price, aluminum tends to beat its competition. It is the only business signage that is durable, strong, and affordable.

Installation and maintenance

Installing dibond signage is quite simple and does not require any professional tools. These signs are bolted on to a hard surface such as walls. You will not waste a lot of time or effort installing these signs. In addition, dibond can easily be cleaned using a little soap and water. A regular maintenance service is not necessary, but it will keep your signs shining, beautiful and looking new at all times.

The aforementioned are countless benefits of dibond signage for your business. The affordability, weather resistance, and strength make it ideal for any business. Furthermore, the professional and shiny exterior with tailored designs will make it appealing to your customers. Make sure that you find the best signage design company so that you can reap the benefits of using dibond signs.