6 Ways To Get Ready For Your Next Exhibition


Exhibitions are an important part of most businesses and can be great places to unveil new products and services, network with professionals in your industry, and even sell or buy products for your company. These shows can attract thousands of exhibitors and attendees, so making sure you are prepared is essential. Here are a few steps to help you get ready for your next exhibition.


  1. Research Exhibitions


Every industry has at least one show, and often you’ll find multiple groups catering to a sector. Be sure to research the relevant shows in your industry.


  1. Analyse Your Budget


How is your marketing budget looking? It takes a reasonable amount to design exhibition stands in the UK that will attract attention. Skimping at these shows is never a good idea and you risk cutting off foot traffic and being completely overlooked. If you plan in displaying a product, a simple display both in and out of its packaging will work. If you’re a food company, you’ll want a display where you can offer samples. A software company or app developer will want a display with hands-on demos.


  1. Register and Book Your Travel Early


Exhibition show registration usually opens up months before the event. The best spots tend to fill up fast, and even if you do get around to registering early, you may not get the spot you want.

Make sure you have your booking information printed and ready to expedite the check-in process both at your hotel and at the show. While many organisers will reserve hotel blocks for vendors, the spots fill up quickly. If you prefer not to stay within the reserved hotel block, you may need to arrange your own transport, too.


  1. Get in Touch with Attendees


Before the show, the organisers may provide access to the attendee list. If they don’t give you a list, simply ask for one. You should review the list as early as possible to identify who you will be focusing your efforts on. If you have a PR firm marketing your presence at the show, give the list to them, too, so they can start sending out email blasts and set up demo appointments at your stand.


  1. Get Your Stand Ready


You don’t want your product demos to fail or visitors to walk on by. Be sure to order any materials you will need for the stand well in advance. This may include brochures, business cards, and banners, any way that will help to attract visitors to your stand. Remember to get your products ready, both in and out of the packaging.


  1. Don’t Forget to Follow Up


Once the show is over, your job doesn’t stop there. Throughout the exhibition, you may be inundated with different contacts. You may even walk away with a briefcase full of business cards. Remember, you’ll have a limited time period to contact these people while you are still top of mind for them.



Be sure to send out an email to follow up the people who took the time to visit your stand and thank them for doing so. Give them further information, and offer a follow-up meeting. Remember that these are industry peers and converting them into satisfied, and paying, customers, is a valuable asset for your business’s brand.