7 Beautiful Ideas To Capture Your Baby’s Milestones


When you are ready to capture all the milestones of your baby, you can use the tips below to remember this time of your life. Your baby is not old enough to remember what was happening when they were this small, and you can create several different memory pieces that you can hang around the house. Plus, you can store these things for the future so that your child does not forget this time of their life.

1. A Photo Shoot

You can take a look at a site like pearlpoutphotography.com.au/ if you ware planning to have photographs taken for any milestone birthday you like. You could plan for photos at every milestone birthday, or you could have pictures taken when a birthday lines up with a major holiday because you can use holiday theming for those pictures.

2. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a big part of saving memories because you can create any style of book that you want. Scrapbooking allows you to buy the book that you want to use, create pages that commemorate different times in your child’s life, and helps you add on as much as you want.

You can even buy special scrapbooks that allow you to expand every time you want to add a new memory. In some cases, parents can add pages to the book until their child turns 18. Scrapbooks are a good family tradition to start when your children are participating in activities in the future.

3. Special Crown Molding For Height Measurements

You could buy special crown molding for one of the doors in the house that allows you to measure your child’s height. You may not want to leave these things behind if you move, and you can take the crown molding with you to a new home. This also means that you can buy more than one piece of molding for multiple children. Each child will have one of these pieces of crown molding, and you can save the crown molding when your child is finished growing.

4. A Special Baby Journal

You can buy a special baby journal that allows you to fill in the blanks when your baby is growing. Most babies who are growing will make it hard for you to focus when you are trying to create a scrapbook, and you can fill in the journal with a little guidance from what is printed on the page. These journals even allow you to attach pictures to the page, or they come with sleeves that allow you to slide pictures in place.

5. Hand/Footprint Frames

Hand and footprint frames are a good way for you to remember when your child is little. You can get their handprints or footprints taken when they are very small, and those pages can be framed for the future. Some people even add a poem or some text to the frame to make the frame look like art.

6. First Outfit Frames

You could frame your child’s first outfit. There are several different ways for you to frame the first outfit, and you can add the hat and socks if you like. You could also do the same with your baby’s first pair of shoes. This is a very simple way for you to remember when your baby came home from the hospital. Plus, you will not need to worry about losing these shoes.

7. First Toy Frames

Your child’s first toy might be something that they played with for years before they gave it up. You could buy a new frame for these toys that allows the toy to sit inside a box. These frames still allow you to save these toys, and you can hang these items in the house because they look like art installations.


When you are ready to capture all the milestones in your baby’s life, you can use any of the tips above to create beautiful pieces to hang in your home, to save for the future, and to give to your child at the right time. You can save the height of your child on special crown molding, and you can save their first toys, first outfits, or footprints and handprints.