7 Business Ideas To Start: No Capital Needed


It’s honestly surprising that this day in age that we live in, you can start businesses with absolutely no money. 15 to 20 years ago, before the era of the internet, you would need thousands of cash before you could start your own business.


Five businesses that predominantly rely on the internet that you can start with basically no startup costs. There would be some small startup costs, like an internet connection, or a cellphone, a laptop. But assuming these are those things that you already have available to you at your disposal, so it’s basically free.



In dropshipping, you become the middleman into a company and a customer. What you do is if you see an item on Amazon for $10, you can put that item on Ebay for $12. If someone buys it, then you can keep the $2 for yourself. You go on Amazon, order it for them, ship it to their address, and you earned $2 just like that.


If you want more money, then increase the volume and not the price. The more sales you make, the more money you end up making. It doesn’t require your payment because if someone buys from you, they give you money, use that money to buy that product, and send it to them.


If you don’t have any money, just grab anything around your house, whether it’s phones, electronics, or one of your hamilton skeleton watches, etc. Put it out on eBay and sell it for profits. Use that profit to buy some items and sell them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is marketing products for somebody else. This could be a business or for a person who is selling a particular product. You market that for them, and you get a commission from every sale. A perfect example is Amazon. You create a program with Amazon, and every time someone signs up for an audible trial you get commissions


There are numerous ways to earn money in blogging. If you want to write blogs for people, go to problogger.com, write blogs for people, and get paid for doing it. If you’re going to write your own blog, you can make money in three ways:

  • AdSense- when you have a blog and traffic coming in. You can put ads on your blog and make money with that.
  • Sponsorship- if somebody wants to insert a sponsored post in your blog, you can charge them money for that.
  • Affiliate marketing- you can make money by writing blogs about products. If somebody buys it, you get commissions from it.

Content Creator

A perfect example of this is YouTube. YouTube makes a lot of money from making content online. On YouTube, you create your own channel and create content that gives value to people. The more value you build around your content, the more people watch, and the more you make money.


Give them value, make people laugh, entertain them, and educate them. Don’t worry about the quality of your camera or audio as long as you give people value; those will matter less.

Make Courses

If you have a skill, believe it or not, you can sell that skill by doing a course about it. All you need to have is a skill and mindset that you are going to sell to people. You do not need to be a pro if you think of making courses. There’s a lady who is making courses about how to make sourdough bread; she is currently making $60,000 every month from those courses.


Any ideas you have in mind that you know you are good at it. Make a course and earn from it without costing you any money. The entire concept is, once you make value in your content or your course, the money will follow. How to price is? Look at the market. If the courses like cooking sell for $20, then don’t sell it at $1000. Sell it near that market value.


You can go to UpWork or Fiverr and market your skills to make some money. You get $5 to $25 every time you get an order for whatever skill you have. Go on to their website; you can see tons of skills there for you to select.

Event Planning

You can go to local restaurants or other venues in your area and ask them if you can host a show, an event, or a party there. Your job is to convince the manager or the owner that they should not charge you because they are going to make a whole bunch of money inside from selling foods.


While you, you’re going to make money from the entrance fees from every people that want to watch the show you host. You can even hire a band and give them a cut from your earnings.


None of these things are easy or get rich quick types of things, but it’s possible if you put in the work. If you have the hustle and the right mindset, you can start a business with no capital needed. You don’t have to get out there, put together your business plan, or go to a bank for a small business loan.