7 Business Travel Tips from Industry Experts




Planning a business trip? Read this guide and learn from some of the tips that we will be sharing. We researched some suggestions from industry experts on how you can have a hassle-free trip, which will be especially useful for people who do not have an experience in business travel.


Do Your Research


To make the most out of your trips, be sure to research thoroughly. From the best deals to the places that you can visit after taking care of your travel errands, it is best to be well-informed about your travel destination. This is especially the case if you are headed to an unfamiliar territory. Italy4Real advise that you research the local customs and traditions to make sure that you act the right way during your business meetings, and avoid making a faux pas.


Stay Packed


Rachel Landen advises always having your suitcase partially packed if you often travel for business. If you ensure that you pre-pack some of the essentials, such as your toiletries and formal clothes this will save you a lot of time and will lessen the likelihood that you will forget anything important, especially if you have to leave in a hurry.


Be Productive


Business travellers often do not have the luxury of time. With this, you should know how to make the most out of your limited time. If you are at the airport, for instance, you can check emails and finish your reports. Ivan from Dubai Holidays recommends always pre-planning the best routes, so when you reach your destination, you can avoid wasting time stuck in traffic. Always ensure you have a notebook and a pen with you, so that if your laptop has run out of battery, you can still jot down ideas and make to-do lists.


Take Advantage of your Perks


It also pays to be aware of the privileges that you can take advantage of as a business traveller. Learn how to maximize reward points from your credit card. Nomadic Matt has been able to earn a lot of free points that he has been able to redeem for airfares or hotels. You can have a look at Matt’s list of other card alternatives here, which he advises signing up to in order to benefit from the big sign-up bonuses.


Take a Break


Travelling for business can be an exhausting experience. Having to finish several presentations and attending multiple meetings the entire day can drain your energy. With this, you should take time to relax. A nice massage is a good idea to be rejuvenated. A drink will also not hurt. Take time as well to visit some of the best attractions in your destination. The entrepreneur, Gokil Nath Sridhar recommends using do-it-later services like Pocket, meaning that you can save interesting websites to look at when you have free time or when you’re taking a break.


Download Mobile Apps


Staying organised is one skill that you should learn as a business traveller. Tom from SEO Travel advises taking advantage of technology. For instance, there are applications that you can download to your mobile phone to keep track of your schedules, especially your flights. This will make sure that you do not forget the important details of your business trip.


Pack Versatile Clothing


Yes, you are travelling for business. But this does not mean that there is no room for leisure. With this, you should consider packing clothes that you can wear for a meeting, but at the same time also perfect if you just want to have a leisurely stroll. See to it as well that you have clothes that can handle the changing weather, making sure that you will stay comfortable throughout your trip. Doug Dyment advises writing a checklist before packing, so that you don’t forget anything important.


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