7 Inexpensive Staff Perks That’ll Attract the Best Talent


Every business owner wants to have a team of staff that they wouldn’t trade for any other set of employees in the world. Alas, there’s not that many companies that can say this, because they don’t have a hiring process that allows them to find the best candidates. One of the biggest factors a potential employee looks for is staff perks; this is often underlooked by employers. Staff perks don’t have to be expensive, as we’ll see below, as we run through seven cost-effective measures that’ll keep your staff happy in their work.


Drinks, Drinks, Drinks


You wouldn’t believe just how important employees take their free drinks. They have the potential to turn an ‘OK’ day into a ‘good’ day. Now, we know that coffee has always had that power, but its effects are amplified when the coffee is in the office. Of course, many offices supply free coffee to their workers; that’s nothing special. But your coffee will be special! Why? Because you’re going to invest in a high-quality coffee machine, one capable of making lattes and cappuccinos just like the big store chains. Also, stock up a fridge with soft drinks: it’s much more desirable than water.


And Food, Food, Food


And what’s a delicious mug of coffee without a tasty snack to accompany it? If you weren’t surprised that staff love their free drinks, you wouldn’t be shocked to learn that they go pretty wild for free food, too. If you make an effort to supply a box of doughnuts each morning in work, then you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the mood of your staff. What can we say? People love their sugary snacks. The cost will be nothing to you, too, which makes it an especially worthwhile office addition.


Free Technology


People do love more than just food and drink. They liked gadgets, too, but they prefer not to buy them themselves. This is where you come in. As part of your hiring process, you can include items such as smartphones and tablets in your welcome package to new staff. You might think that this is an expensive perk, but it’s not if you make the most of Verizon Wireless deals. Of course, there’s a company benefit to this, too. If they have a company tablet or phone, they’ll be more likely to get work done even when they’re out of the office.


Company Competition


Nobody just wants to “go to work” anymore. They want to go to a place where they can spend time with friends, unwind, and have some fun. It’s less a job, more a place that fits in with their broader values. So why not give your staff the time and place to buy into this idea? If you have table tennis or pool table equipment, your potential staff will know that they’re not just joining an organization that’s all about work, work, work.


Birthday Free Days


Some companies have a rigid approach to time off. They want their employees to have as little as possible. As such, it’ll be no surprise when, in the future, those companies struggle to attract the best talent for their roles. In your company, don’t be a miserly boss; celebrate life! Small gestures such as letting your staff automatically have their birthday off from work will go a long way, and will only have a positive impact on your business. You might lose them for a day, but you’ll be gaining their happiness, which is a crucial aspect of worker productivity.


A Slice of Autonomy


The working world is changing. Employees are no longer settling for working long hours in the office. They want to have more say over how they spend their time, and where they do it. By incorporating a work from home policy, you’ll be giving your staff a slice of autonomy, and the company will benefit too: workers who combine working from the office and home are generally more efficient than others. And not only is this inexpensive, but it’ll also save you money: fewer people in the office means lower bills, for instance.


Focus on Staff’s Needs


You never really know what a person needs to be happy. Only they know that. So why not give your staff the option to decide for themselves how they can improve? Make it a company policy to give each new starter an annual wellness stipend, and they’ll be able to look after themselves the way that they see best.


With the tips above, you should find that quality candidates are applying for positions at your company.