7 MBA Skills Every Business Student Should Develop Before Graduation


What good is a degree if you don’t even remember what you learned during those years? One can recite a whole paragraph on communication skill while facing down the whole time, what’s the point then. Only getting the degree should not be the motto, be prepared for future endeavors. If you’re a business student, concentrate on developing skills that makes you better prepared for further studies like MBA. Here are few to start with.


  1. Leadership

As a business graduate, you should have good leadership qualities like a natural feature of your personality. How will you achieve that? Participate in extracurricular activities in your college and inter college fests, focus more on leading teams and organizing activities. Never think that your business degree will make you a boss and you just need to pass orders. No. You have to work in a team and lead whenever necessary.


  1. Communication

Communication is something that you cannot learn from a book, its a soft skill and very important in business world as well as the MBA degree. Make it habit to communicate often with people regarding varied subjects and assess yourself on how much you are able to put your ideas across, make the listener understand and agree with you. Confidence is mandatory for effective communication so concentrate on building confidence.


  1. Writing

You must be thinking why writing would be important for a business graduate? Simply because it polishes your expressiveness and also aids your communication skill. If you have the habit of writing your thoughts, you wouldn’t have any problem conveying them orally, as you’ll be acing grammatical expression and sentence formation. In case you are having trouble about your dissertations you can take help of Ivory Research.


  1. Ambitious

Just don’t jump from high school to graduation and from graduation to job or higher studies aimlessly, with no proper goal. You should be ambitious about what you are pursuing and the career path that you are on. Always draw a plan and work towards achieving your set goals. And when you develop the zest for things that you do, you tend to be more receptive, that way you learn better. Get. Set. Go.


  1. Management Skill

As a business student and an MBA aspirant, you’ll be facing situations in the professional business world where you’ll need to apply management skills. You may have theoretical knowledge in this regard but that won’t help you in the long run. Try to apply those skills you read about in books to real life situations. You can also participate in such activities whenever you can and get written proofs, that’s a good way to start.


  1. Presentation

Presentation skills are also essential for the business world. At all levels you have to present your ideas in a clear and effective manner. Not only presentations and speeches, you should be well versed in one to one conversation as well as writing. You may be brilliant student but if you cannot put your ideas through properly, it’ll be a big hindrance for your business career. So, develop presentation skills right from the start.


  1. Decisiveness

When you are in a responsible position in any company, you’ll have to take important decisions that can affect the whole company, its members, its policy etc. You cannot make reckless decisions. Your coursework itself will focus on strategic planning, research techniques, problem solving ability, and all these are gonna make you the right decision maker. Again, practice this on day to day situations.


Make the best use of your graduation years by learning valuable skills mentioned above plus few others like dealing with pressure, good intellect, humility, discipline, self-awareness etc. These are minor to learn but major in effect. They will be very helpful in setting the right foot in the professional world.