7 Methods To Have Fresh Smelling Laundry


By: Eric Reyes


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In terms of a clean house, memories of getting up early on Saturday mornings to clean the house from top to bottom instantly come to mind. Even before ingesting a full breakfast, linens got changed, floors swept and mopped, furniture polished, toilets and tubs scrubbed, and every corner of the house got dusted. We craved the Friday night invitation to a sleepover to avoid the Saturday morning cleaning rituals. It rarely worked, and even if it did, we were home in time for the Saturday evening laundry, which had more steps than the basic cleaning.


Continue reading to discover the basic steps for laundry and six methods to have fresh-smelling laundry long after the laundry has been folded and put away.


Most people hate the tags on clothes because they cause itching and sometimes don’t allow clothes to lay down properly. However, reading the information on the tag for washing is best to preserve and keep clothing longer. In addition to following the washing instructions, sorting clothes by color and type helps maintain the shape and life of clothing. Other tips for fresh smelling laundry are:


Clean Your Washing Machine

A moldy-smelling washing machine will leave you with moldy-smelling clothes. Therefore, cleaning your washing machine quarterly is vital so that your clothes don’t come out smelling moldy. To clean your washing machine, you should wash a clothes-less load with a cup of vinegar or bleach on the hottest water setting your machine has. Running an empty washing machine allows the water to get into all the nooks of your machine and the hot water will kill bacteria and mold. A tip to avoid your machine getting moldy is to keep the lid open when you aren’t washing clothes.


Add Lavender Water to Your Clothes

Lavender, a natural flowering plant, has a wonderful floral scent that is great for freshening clothes, hair, and the air. The lavender plant expels essential oil but can also be dried and made into fresh, clean-smelling water. For laundry, spritzing the dirty pieces generously before tossing them into the machine will leave your laundry clean and smelling like fresh lavender. You can also make the water and add it to your wash along with your detergent.


Make Smaller Loads

It doesn’t matter that you have a supersized washing machine; it likely has a setting for smaller-sized loads. Therefore, split your loads and wash less clothing at a time. The giant washing machine drum will allow your clothes to toss and the detergent to absorb and thoroughly get through your clothing.


Using a Laundry Service

If you use a laundry service, be sure to ask them for their great information on their laundry cycle management system to ensure that they have a method in place to keep your laundry fresh. They, too, should pre-sort laundry into batching and have a process for preparing it for delivery back to you. Ensure that your laundry service has a plan to keep your laundry fresh.


Do Not Let Your Clothes Sit In the Washing Machine

As stated above, washing machines can harbor bacteria and mold, which smells foul. Therefore, if you are determined to have fresh laundry, one of the best tips for you is to remove wet clothes from the washer as soon as they get done. Not only does a moldy machine cause smelly laundry, but the damp clothes in a closed machine will also create foul-smelling laundry. Therefore, removing clothes as soon as they get finished washing provides optimal freshness when you dry your clothes.


Add Fresheners to Your Drawers or Closet

In addition to adding fabric softener sheets to your dryer, you can add the sheets to your drawers and the shelves of your closet. Adding fresheners to your drawers will help keep your clothes smelling fresh long after you wash them. In addition to dryer sheets, you can add dried lavender in pouches or make your sheets using the essential oil of your choice. To do this, douse a paper towel or napkin with the oil and stick it in a place where it isn’t directly touching your clothes.


As you have read above, fresh-smelling laundry is as important as a clean home. Use the tips above to create laundry that smells great long after they have been washed.