7 Secrets To A Successful Travel Blog That Earns You Money


Travelling is some that most of us love to do. Going to new places, exploring new things, getting to know about people, culture, heritage and tasting new food, nothing can be better than this. But what if you were paid for travelling to different places in the world? Sounds like a dream, right? Well, being a travel blogger you can definitely do so. Sharing about your experience in a fun way, you would be able to earn money.

Becoming a professional travel blogger

To sustain yourself as a professional travel blogger, you would need to earn a steady inflow of money from blogging. You can find hundreds of travel blogs all over the internet, but not all are of the same level. You will, of course, need to know how to write a blog post. But that is not enough since you have to stand out and get yourself noticed among the crowd.

Now, how can you make that happen? Let us find out.

The secrets to success

  • It is important to create blogs that would be useful for people. Writing down your own stories would be fascinating for your friends and family but not the general audience. You can talk about budget tips, packing tips, food, culture, places to visit, etc. and make your blogs as informative as you can but in an entertaining way. This would help people to gain information about the place they are going to and help them to pack and plan better.
  • Write about unique and interesting things. Something that is not usual and can give a completely different experience to the readers. For example, Kayaking in Greenland is fun and adventurous and writing about it would enrich the reader’s experience. You can add small stories and your experience which would enhance the reading experience.
  • In your initial days, it is important for you to get noticed by the potential audience. Try to post guest blogs on popular blogs so that you can grab the attention of some readers. It is the time when they would come to know about your existence. It would help you in branding and improve your credibility as a travel blogger.
  • Marketers from all over the world market their products on social media to gain more attention. You should too do the same. Put social media to efficient use and do not waste your time there. you would initially need to post regularly and reach out to your audience directly. You can reply to their comments and your audiences would feel more connected to you.
  • You can take help of some digital marketers initially so that your blogs can top the SEO charts and have much more visibility.
  • Building up an email subscriber list would help you to track down your dedicated audience group. Whenever you update your blog posts, your dedicated audience would be notified about that.
  • You can initially spend some money to advertise your blogs and once you gain a good audience base, you would get a much higher return.