7 Tips For New Businesses To Boost Email Marketing ROI


In 2019, there were nearly 3.9 billion daily email users worldwide, and this number has steadily risen over the years.

No matter what your niche or expertise may be, the chances are that you’ll find your target audiences among those millions of email users. Businesses are quick to incorporate emails into their digital marketing strategies because they are a great way to reach an already engaged audience and deliver targeted messages.

They help boost return on investment as you get a $42 average return for every dollar you spend on email marketing. But how can you be sure that your business is making the most of email?

Read ahead to see how you can boost ROI and expand your customer base with email.

1.    Personalize Your Emails

One of the most straightforward and cost-effective ways to boost the ROI for emails is to create a tailored experience for all recipients. When people read their names in a promotional email, they get intrigued by it and are quick to open it up.

Instead of a generic greeting, add the recipient’s first name in the email’s subject to catch their attention right away. However, ensure that your subscribers don’t get emails with the wrong name by testing them out first.

For even better personalization, you can use automatic behavior-based trigger emails in response to some action the user has performed. For instance, when a customer purchases from your website, you can send them another email with complementary products to their purchase.

2.    Ensure Enhanced Deliverability

The deliverability of your email is an essential aspect of email marketing. Determine whether your emails always reach the intended recipients’ inboxes or if they get trapped by spam and junk filters.

Use quality content in your emails without any trigger or spam words to ensure the email lands in their inbox and they read it. Furthermore, always add an unsubscribe button within your emails so people can easily unsubscribe instead of reporting the emails as spam.

3.    Design Mobile-Friendly Emails

Most of us live on our phones these days, and in 2018, mobile devices were the most used devices to open emails, with a 49.3% share. This number is only expected to rise as our dependence on mobile devices increases.

As your marketing strategy, you should make sure your emails have a mobile version, so they look great and convenient to open. If that is not the case, the recipients will probably unsubscribe or delete them as they start to accumulate.

Look for templates that support mobile and desktop versions to ensure people open and read them, increasing your ROI.

4.    Send To Segmented Lists

You can significantly boost your email ROIs with a segmented email list since it allows you to target the recipients better and increase your revenue. Use the different audience characteristics to categorize them into separate lists, such as purchase history, behavioral data, demographics, and sales funnel stage.

Since different customers have different needs, it is essential to segment your target audience and approach them in the most appropriate way.

  1. Include Call-To-Action

While emails notify subscribers about whatever you want to convey to them, you have to urge them to follow your email and take some action.

A captivating Call-To-Action (CTA) button ensures that your subscribers click on them to follow it to some landing page, increasing your website traffic.

CTAs are a great way to engage and motivate your recipients to take some action, consequently increasing your sales.

  1. Write Captivating Subject Lines

Email subject lines are the first things that catch a recipient’s attention when they open their inbox. If you add an engaging subject line, people are more likely to open your emails and follow them, understand your brand, see what you offer, and turn into customers if they are satisfied.


Powerful subject lines are short, personal, use strong verbs, and give a clear idea of what the recipient can expect when they open the email. Subject lines like, “Limited time offer!”


Such lines attract readers instantly, and they are compelled to open the email to avoid missing out on something important. This, in turn, massively improves your ROI from email marketing.


  1. Choose The Right Time

Timing is vital in every marketing strategy to create a positive effect on engagement rates. Conduct thorough research through email performance trackers to send an email blast at the most appropriate time when recipients can read them.

Some people are more likely to read them on a Monday morning, while some prefer on a Friday evening. It would be best if you also considered time zones when sending emails internationally.


As a new business, you need cost-effective ways to access customers and attract them to your website. Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that drives a high return on investment. It’s a tried and tested method that businesses have been using for a long time and is still effective.

Email marketing is a must-use marketing tool that can boost your ROI when starting your new business.