8 Ways to Ensure Workplace Safety


Safety and security are major concern now a days, be it at home, outdoor or your workplace. Workplace also faces major threats whether external like thieves and robbers or internal like fire, medical emergencies, poor equipment leading to injuries etc. Shouldn’t one be safe in a place where he spends more than one third of the day? Definitely yes. There are a few practices that will ensure safety at your workplace.  



  • Security System


Every office should invest in a reliable security system with surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and most importantly panic button at key areas for extreme situations. You never know what may hit you, instead of leaving it to uncertainty, take precautions beforehand. Security systems make safety concerns half as monitoring is easy and authority help is fast.


2.Train Your Staff

Your employees should be given proper training on safety precautions and emergency situations that can happen in your workplace so if/when something strikes, they know what to do next. Most injuries can be prevented with basic precaution measures so make sure your employees are trained for it right from the start and given touch ups every now and then.


3.Proper Measures

Make sure you follow proper safety guidelines recommended for a workplace. Keep enough first aid kits, fire extinguishers, personal safety equipment etc. Also make sure that there are emergency exits in working conditions. Keep track of nearby emergency rooms and hospitals. Make proper arrangements and signs nearby hazardous areas.


4.Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. One cannot avoid it but he certainly can be prepared for it and that preparation can actually prevent some serious effects. A lot of medical emergencies take place in an office, an immediate first aid and fast ambulance service can make all the difference. If possible, have an on-call doctor option available for your workplace.


5.Maintain Hygiene Standards

Poor hygiene can lead to a number of illnesses and you don’t want your employees going on sick leave or be bed ridden. Clean floors and walls, hygienic cafeteria, pest free building, sanitized restrooms etc. are equally important. If hygiene is something you don’t have time for then give the responsibility to someone efficient, so it is not compromised with even in your absence.


6.Regular Checkup of Machines

Every workplace has machines to do some work or the other like computers, servers, or even heavy machinery. Machines can be fatal if they are not in a working condition or if something is wrong with it. Most office buildings have elevators. All these mechanical and electrical components of workplace should have regular checkups to ensure safety standards and replaced when not found safe to work with.


7.Discuss Safety

Arrange seminars and presentations on safety and security issues. Always involve your employees in safety planning as they may have good suggestions. Involving your staff in the discussion can have lots of benefits as you’ll get to know their safety concern that you might be missing out. Make safety discussions a monthly or yearly affair so you are up to date. If the owner takes it seriously, the employees will follow.


8.Find Ways to Improve

Don’t be satisfied just by installing a security system or a having a ready ambulance, look for even minor issues and small but significant ways to improve safety. Putting signs at key areas can have an impact, encourage happy environment, don’t give mental health a miss, reward safety promoting staff, give regular breaks to keep your staff stress free.


All these big and small measures can go a long way in ensuring a safe working environment. With all the safety measures in place, your employees will have one less thing to worry about and its sure to make them less distracted. Be the boss who takes care!