838 Missing in Spring within last 6 months – Amber Cammack Houston’s Voice for the Missing


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Amber Cammack of Houston’s Voice for the Missing has been featured nationally for her work finding the human trafficked and the missing.

She is a regular on The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show and appears weekly on Wednesday’s which is starting to bring local and national awareness to the lucrative sex trade that seems to be flourishing in our communities. She appeared recently to talk about the missing and the system that continues to fail families.

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About Amber Cammack

Amber Little Bird CageAmber Cammack is the founder of Houston’s Voice For The Missing and has specialized in Missing Persons and human trafficking  investigations for over 10 years. Amber has successfully worked hand and hand with authorities throughout the United States to help bring home a countless number of missing people and bring down several major trafficking rings. This work includes going undercover in multiple human trafficking rings for DPS, Local police, the FBI AND homeland security.

Amber also has an extensive background in black market adoption and parental kidnapping cases. Over the years she has reunited hundreds of mothers with their children who where illegally sold on the black market in the 1980s. Amber has also successfully located victims of parental kidnapping who had been taken out of the United States. She has a stellar reputation for tracking the untraceable and is known for taking on cases most consider “the unsolvable”.