9 Things About Oris Watch Brand That Buyers Should Know


Oris is one of the few Swiss watch brands that produce only mechanical watches to the market. The brand’s distinction is its red rotor design, which symbolizes the timepiece’s automated approach to its watchmaking process. They promised to all buyers and collectors that their watches are built to last long, as they’re only using top-notch materials.

It is no secret that Oris watch are one of the famous and elegant brands, representing some of the best value for money. Besides its reputation being Swiss-made, there’s more than about the company itself that everyone doesn’t know about. Here we have listed the nine ultimate facts about Oris Watches and why you should consider adding to your preferred luxury watch brand.

  •  Oris’s founded by the duo, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian 

The duo founded the Oris brand after they had purchased the Lohner & Co. Watch factory in 1904. They took the “Oris” that came out of inspiration from a local brook in the Swiss town of Hölstein. After a short time, an additional factory was established in a neighboring town. This was simply the start of a noteworthy blast inside the Oris Watch brand, which, by 1911, had been recognized as the biggest employer in the little Swiss town. In the late 1920s, there were Oris industrial facilities in a few nearby towns, including Hölstein, Herbetswil, Holderbank, Como, Courgenay, and Ziefen. 

  • Rolf Portmann, an Oris lawyer, successfully tackled the unpopular watch statute 

1934 denoted the Watch Statute presentation, which directed how watch companies had the option to present innovations and prevented Oris from utilizing switch escapements in its watch movements. The brand hired Dr. Rolf Portmann, and in 1966, after almost ten years of dedication to disassembling the law, he could have the option to reverse it. 

  • Caliber 601 was Oris’ first-ever automatic movement

The 17-gem movement was first ever presented in 1952 and was the brand’s first self-winding movement produced in-house. It incorporated a power save marker and was praised for accomplishing highly precise timekeeping. The presentation of the Cal. 601 came alike as Oris was entering its self-declared “Golden Years.” The brand added many movement advancements, like the Oris’s first timepiece, the famous Caliber 652. 

  1. The first Watchmaking Companies to produce a world timer watch

A historic complication, the Worldtimer function can adjust the local time forward and backward in one-hour increases through pressing pushers on one or the other side of the case. The date changes in a manner close by the time, making the Worldtimer an unimaginably valuable travel watch and a genuine trendsetter of its time. The timepieces were only one of many spearheading aviation watches to come from Oris that helped the wearer monitor time while going to all corners of the globe. The new Artelier Worldtimer launched in 2004 as a feature of the brand’s “Oris Centennial Set” that was released to commemorate its 100th anniversary. 

  1. It consists of four main categories: Culture, Motorsport, Diving, and Aviation 

Every classification of watches inside the Oris catalog offers a wide variety to a different profession. And keeping in mind that many Oris watches are professional tool timepieces. In the beginning, collectors of all ways of life wear them for their unique style and special functions. Some of the most popular watches from every classification incorporate such notable watches as the Big Crown ProPilot Aviation timepiece, the Chronoris motorsport timepiece, the Aquis jumper’s timepiece, and the classically styled Artelier, to give some name. 

  • Oris watches became entirely mechanical 

The new management buyout brought about the Oris SA group, which was dedicated to getting 100% mechanical. Chairman Ulrich W. Herzog was focused on making Oris the pioneer in mechanical watches and was reliable for re-delivering the notable Pointer Date. This automatic watch was both sturdy and affordable. This timepiece was a leader in leading worldwide mechanical watch trends and turning into the brand’s signature complication.

  • Oris timepiece is recognized by a distinct red rotor, which was presented in 2002

Oris brags the title being one of the few independent Swiss watchmakers. The brand values delivering Swiss-made extravagance watches that are both high-caliber and comes with affordable prices. They celebrated in 2002 with the presentation of its now-iconic Red Rotor. This feature is viewed as the brand’s defining brand name and trademark and is visible on numerous Oris timepieces through their transparent case backs. 

  • Include the founding year-1904, in the brand’s modified logo

With the year 1904, the logo likewise remembers the Swiss town for which it first-ever established Oris, Hölstein. This update observes Oris’s commitment to producing modern timepieces that also honor the brand’s historical background. Also, this denoted the start of Oris’ “Go Your Own Way” campaign, which includes the brand’s commitment to delivering high-caliber and unique Swiss-watches. 

  •   A timepiece that comes with exclusive extras 

Anything one watchmaker can design, another can make more complicated, which drives some exclusive types of the timepiece: the flyback and the rattrapante. Once in a while, called the split-seconds flyback, the flyback can be utilized as a traditional chronograph. Still, an extraordinary feature permits the user or wearer to stop, reset, and restart the chronograph with a single press of a button, usually the one at 4 o’clock. 

The flyback’s only downside is that the reset tool makes it hard to get a precise elapsed-time reading. At the point when you push down the 4 o’clock push-piece, the chronograph seconds hand doesn’t stop for you to take a reading—it quickly flies back to zero. In case you’re looking at an end line to judge when to press the catch, you can’t likewise be looking at the watch to get the elapsed time. The flyback is more useful when you measure fractions of a second that isn’t needed. 

In a Nutshell

Many watch lovers and collectors prefer timepieces from Oris. Why? The brand offers elegant and finished all-Swiss look watches at very affordable prices. They have many things to offer, and it all comes with high-quality materials and stylistic design. For centuries, they have proved how worthy their existence is in producing high-end watches. So if you want to check all the collections and models of this watch, you can visit the Watch Company.