A Bachelor’s Degree: An Overview of What It Is and the Opportunities It Presents

A Bachelor's degree: An overview of what it is and the opportunities it presents

Building a successful career is something we all aspire to achieve. This helps us to not only pay the bills but live a fulfilling life and work in a field we enjoy. Key to getting the best opportunities, though, is having the right education behind you. One of the most popular examples of this is studying to gain a Bachelor’s degree. But what is the qualification and what sort of opportunities does it present?  


What is a Bachelor’s degree?


This is a program of study in higher education that teaches you specific, in-depth skills. You would normally go onto this course after highschool and study for a degree in one subject. A Bachelor’s degree comes in two types – a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. Both offer higher-level learning – the main difference is that BSc’s are usually for tech/engineering subjects, while BA’s are more for the arts.


But what type of career could you move into after gaining your degree? 


Police officer 


One exciting career for people who like to make society a better place is police officer. It also offers superb job satisfaction and a decent salary of around $55,000 on average. If you like the sound of this varied role, gaining a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is a good start. Many institutions run programs like this but the course at the Central Christian College of Kansas online is the top choice for lots of people. Not only does this program offer flexible online study and world-class learning but it offers superb support to students as well.


IT systems manager 


IT is a fast-growing sector and one that is accessible by holding the relevant bachelor’s degree. This is certainly true for the better paid and higher-level roles like IT systems manager. Also known as IT managers, this job basically involves looking after all the key IT systems in a business and keeping them safe from risks like common cybersecurity threats. With an average salary of $139,220, it is perfect for anyone who loves tech. To break into the business, a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management is normally needed.


Engineering manager 


Another very cool job opportunity the right degree can open up is engineering manager. These are skilled professionals who manage engineering projects. This can include tasks such as hiring workers, bringing a project together and drawing up engineering plans. The average salary is just north of $137,000 and it is a pretty secure sector in which to build a career. To bag this job though, a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management is usually called for.


Education is key to opportunity 


While you can get some entry-level roles without any kind of higher education behind you, the more interesting and better-paid roles will be off-limits normally. This means it is crucial to gain higher level qualifications to access these more advanced roles. A Bachelor’s degree is a great example of this idea in action and holding one can really bring some exciting opportunities to your door.