A Basic New Band’s Guide for Turning Music into Business


Succeeding in the music industry today isn’t easy, which is the reason why so many people are talking about its collapse. However, as you must have noticed, excellent bands still exist with new discovered regularly. Streaming services are full of excellent melodies in any style and the art itself benefits greatly from modern tech that allows for fascinating sound edits. However, in order to achieve success, a music band of today must dedicate as much time to business as they do to creating music. With clever marketing and business strategies in mind, you’ll be able to get noticed and monetize your passion regardless of whether you are a single musician performing at small weddings or a rock band aiming to be the next Metallica (but do try to be realistic about the latter).

Major Considerations to Make When Turning Music into Business in 2018

1.    Set a fair price for your ‘product’

Whether you are selling an album, a single, or some merchandize, you need to have it fairly priced. Unfortunately, for many new bands, today this means selling your art cheaply. You might be inspired by the stories of major bands giving out their albums for free. However, these are legendary names that can afford it. As a beginner band, you need to focus on making money flow steadily, even if that flow isn’t as big as you’d like it to be at first.

If you struggle with deciding on the best price, look up guides and tips from more experienced musicians. You also should read through this Quora discussion.

2.    Move your website to a suitable hosting

Having a website is a must for any business today, and a music band is not an exception. However, for it to be impressive your pages must be loaded with high-quality videos, images, and audio files. This means that you’ll need to find a hosting suitable for a musicians website.

This means that the host should use SSD servers, offer high speed and stability, have unlimited bandwidth and storage in the deal. Bear in mind that hosting packages that meet these requirements are more expensive. However, you can try to get a good deal by looking for discount promo codes.

3.    Market your band on social media

Any band should be considered a business venture. As such, it should be seen as a single entity and have its own dedicated social media accounts. Marketing your band through them is a must as this type of promotion provides some of the best results.

As a new band, you won’t have a fanbase to get the data from yet. This means you should set up accounts on all major networks. Pew Research Center states these are Facebook (used by 79% of Americans), Twitter (visited at least once daily by 81% of millennials), and Instagram (most popular network among women).

Using the paid ads service offered by the network is a good option if you can afford it. However, getting an endorsement from a popular influencer will be much more efficient for your business. Therefore, look for popular media personalities in your targeted niche and contact them to work out deals. You also should pay attention to various local causes and charities. Getting some recognition by participating in community activities will boost your reputation and help local people learn that you exist. This, paired with a batch of fliers, can help you score performances in local bars. Think of it as a social media promotion that transcends the limits of the Web.

When developing an effective social media marketing strategy for a music band, remember that you’ll need to post different types of content to keep your followers engaged. You can get some inspiration by studying accounts of top bands.