A Beginner’s Guide to Riding Jet Skis


Do you want to feel the adrenaline rush of accelerating from 0 to 70 mph in under 10 seconds? If so, you’ve got 3 options to choose from. 

First, you can buy a luxurious sports car. Unfortunately, it can be extremely dangerous. Second, you can purchase a ticket and ride the SpaceX shuttle. However, this can be extremely expensive.

Your third option and perhaps the best choice is to ride a jet ski. 

Since you’re already reading this article, you probably want to learn how to properly ride a jet ski. Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Jet skis might look a bit overwhelming at first. However, if you know the basics, riding one will be very easy.

Be Ready

You’ve got to ensure your jet ski has enough fuel for the day. Aside from that, you also have to prepare the correct documents. Furthermore, make sure you’ve got a life jacket available. 

A couple of states require jet ski rental riders to wear life jackets during the entire duration of the ride. On several occasions, some states require licenses as well before you can ride one. 

Because of this, you should prepare all the things you need before you head out. 

Also, it’s best to check the jet ski floating dock price first to prepare enough money before heading out.

Know the Jet Ski

The controls that you can find on a jet ski differ from the brand and its design. You’ve got to understand beforehand where you can find the throttle as well as the emergency shut-off. 

In case you fall off, make sure you connect the emergency shutoff lanyard to your body. You also have to know where the braking system is if your jet ski rental has one. 

Before you can even start to learn how to ride a jet ski, you must familiarize yourself with the type of jet ski that you’ll be riding. 

Follow the Rules

As mentioned earlier, every state has its own set of regulations and riding rules when it comes to watercraft. Though there might be some similarities in the rule, every state’s regulation and rule are unique. 

You’ve got to ensure you learn all the rules associated with your state and your jet ski. Make sure you follow these rules for the safety of yourself and other people. 

Take a Safety Course for Boaters

While not every state requires a license for riding a jet ski, it’s still extremely important that you take a boating safety course. 

These courses help you familiarize yourself with the regulations and rules when it comes to using watercraft in your state. These courses also help you learn the operating features of various watercraft. 

Once you’re done taking the course, you can sometimes get a huge discount on your jet ski insurance.

However, if your state does not require a license for riding a jet ski, you can always learn more about DIY jet ski riding tips online. There are tons of videos out there that you can use.

Wear a Life Jacket

A lot of individuals who ride jet skis do not wear life jackets. However, you should not be one of them. If you want to be safe, always wear a life jacket when riding a watercraft. 

When wearing a life jacket, you need to ensure it properly fits. If the jacket is too big for you, water will push the jacket up towards your face. This makes it more difficult for you to float. 

On other hand, if the jacket is too small, you’ll have a hard time floating in the water. 

These precautions are extremely important, especially if you’re riding with a kid. Always ensure your kids are wearing life jackets that are made for their size. This helps lower the risks of drowning and injuries. 

Also, it is crucial to check if your life jacket is approved by the United States Coast Guard and is the right jacket for riding jet skis. 

Prepare the Right Accessories

It’s always great to ride a jet ski. However, you need to do more than just ride through the waves. 

A couple of additional accessories can make your jet ski ride even better and safer. A couple of these accessories, such as fire extinguishers, life jackets, and lanyards, are also required legally. Make sure you check with your state for a list of accessories that are legally required. 

Other safety accessories include the skier-down flag, anchor, sunscreen, first aid kit, and a GPS. 

Also, you might want to bring along a couple of accessories that improve your ride. This includes sunglasses, an action camera, good clothing gear, sound system, cooler, reboarding step, and much more. 

Maintain Your Jet Ski Properly

Accidents can often occur due to equipment failure. Fortunately, you can prevent equipment failure with correct maintenance. 

Before you even take your jet ski out of the water, it’s important to go through a jet ski maintenance checklist. 

For instance, make sure that you check for proper oil levels, fuel, and cables. Before you launch your jet ski in the water, make sure you start the engine on land first. 

Do Not Drink When Driving a Jet Ski

One of the main causes of jet ski accidents is alcohol. For those who don’t know, drinking can greatly influence your judgment, coordination, and reaction time. 

If you drink alcohol, it is best to stay on land until you’re sober. If you are under the influence, you need to steer clear of jet skis and other watercraft. 

Also, always bring a hand sanitizer with you when you’re planning to ride a jet ski rental. 


It’s not that difficult to drive a jet ski.

The truth is that it’s a lot easier compared to riding a snowmobile or ATV. All you need to do is to follow the tips above for a safe and enjoyable ride.