A Guide to Sourcing the Best Employees


An organisation is only as good as its people and when it is time to bring another person onboard, you have to navigate your way through the many applicants, and take pot luck, hoping you choose the right candidate. The time it takes to do all this is considerable, and when viewing a potential employee’s CV, you can’t skip through it, as the information contained says a lot about the person, and we all know how costly it is when you hire someone who is unsuitable.

Outsource HR

Outsourcing is pretty much the norm today, and that includes hiring employees, which is best left to professionals such as JV Recruitment, a leading Australian recruitment agency that focuses on numerous sectors. When you use an external recruitment agency, they help you to connect with the best of the talent in the job market, and by screening applicants, you receive a shortlist of candidates to interview.

Industry Specific

Let’s take a busy construction contractor who has several projects on the go at any given time, he would obviously have skilled labour needs, and by giving the agency your requirements, they would start to screen their large database of registered people.

Some of the common sectors that are covered include:

  • Construction – Tradespeople, Surveyors and Architects.
  • Engineering – Electrical & Mechanical.
  • Information Technology – All fields, Digital Marketing, Blockchain Development, Web Design.
  • Sales – Direct Sales, Marketing.
  • Medical – Doctors, Dentists, Nursing.
  • Business Services – Business Management.

Connecting you with the Best Candidates

The recruitment agency can connect you with the very best candidates like Catharsis IT support in Toronto, as they all register with the agency (its free for job applicants), even those who are happy with their current employment, as they wish to be aware of job opportunities that may present themselves. This means when you make contact with the right recruitment agency, you have access to the top performers and when you have an opening, you will receive enquiries from people that are high achievers. If you would like to learn more about employee safety, here is a great article that outlines ways to improve safety in the workplace, which is always an issue.

Key Personnel

While it is always important to find the right employees, this is even more critical when you are looking for a key team member, and when the recruitment agency is aware of the qualities you seek, they will check their huge database to locate the best possible candidate. A thorough screening process eliminates wasted time, and the agency’s help, you will have no problems finding key staff members that have all the qualities you seek. If you are an employee who is looking to become self-employed, here is a government website with all you need to know about working for yourself.

If you outsource all of your HR requirements to an industry-specific recruitment agency, you can use your resources to manage the business, while the agency sources the right candidate for the position you are looking to fill.