A Second Lockdown Facing Struggling Businesses


Just when it had looked as if we were on the path to recovery from the ongoing pandemic, cases across Europe started to rise again as worldwide cases had remained steady or even increasing in many cases – businesses that had started to reopen and find some hope that they may be able to survive the pandemic may instead be thrown back into uncertainty as the risk of future lockdowns could see those who had survived the initial first wave be in just as uncertain a position as before.

A softer lockdown has already been issued in the UK and other countries across Europe such as Spain and Germany have started to issue stricter lockdowns in certain cities too, but cases as a whole are still looking to be on the rise as some are hitting numbers higher than their previous records back during the first peak in April and May – if harder lockdown restrictions are needed then many could be asked to close their doors once again or operate under very restrictive conditions, and given how many were unable to thrive at this reduced capacity it could spell further bad news.

Not all sectors have found difficulty here however as there are the fortunate few that have managed to really thrive and grow during this period of time, and although they may not be hoping for a second set of lockdowns they will certainly benefit from it. Namely those in the entertainment industry and online casinos in particular have been able to benefit greatly – increasing audience numbers looking to use the extra time they have whilst not working have been a huge benefit and have led to a surge in user numbers – much of this growth comes despite changes to limit it too, the introduction of initiatives such as Gamstop have been aimed at reducing participation options for players but as operators have been able to register elsewhere and enter different markets they’ve been able to skirt the rules a little, here are some betting sites not on gamstop for example that have provided a place for players despite any restrictions that have been placed.

With plenty of warnings around just how dangerous the later winter months could be, many will now be starting to brace themselves for a longer period of time in lockdown than experience the first time, and with some more grim milestones being passed it may start to dawn on people that we’re certainly in for the longer road here. The good news is that there’s still time and the warnings are very much in place where they may not necessarily have been the first time as things were rushed, with that knowledge there’s additional time to get prepared and explore the options that may be available to you for some stability, and with knowledge around how the first set of lockdowns went you may be able to better prepare for how you can offer your services despite longer term closures – it’s going to be a tricky time, but for many this will be a better prepared entry than before.