A Storage Unit That Keeps Up with Your Life


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just give up all your possessions and travel the world with nothing but the clothes you’re wearing and backpack?


It’s a dream for many, and usually it takes shape in the form of a trip around Europe or Asia, but when the travelling comes to an end, wouldn’t it be nice if all that other stuff you loved was still there waiting for you?


OK, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re saying – it is still there, and it’s called my apartment, or it’s called my parents’ house – but not everyone has that option. For many, parents don’t live near, and an apartment is just too expensive to keep renting when you want all your money to go towards your adventures abroad.


If you need a safe, budget-friendly solution, why not rent a self-storage unit? It’s a lot cheaper than the rent you pay for an apartment, and you can travel with piece of mind knowing that your stuff is being kept locked away in a temperature controlled environment, free of critters and creepy crawlies.


This is one scenario where a safe store becomes more than a box for your stuff, but where a unit can help you achieve your goals.


So who else might need to hire a self-storage unit?


Your parents. The kids have all moved out, and now they want to live somewhere a little smaller. The old house has just become too much work to maintain, and besides, they want to begin a new chapter in their life.


You at 22. Your first decent job in the city. Unfortunately rent prices have skyrocketed and all your decent job affords you is a closet in an outer borough. You have to make a serious choice, your bed or your stuff, there isn’t room enough for the both.


You at 35. The kids need rooms of their own, but you still need to wait a few years before you can cover the mortgage costs on that dream home you’ve already decorated during many a daydream.


You at 60. The kids have finally moved out and you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life, who knows, maybe you’ll move to Hawaii. Now you understand why your parents rented that self-storage unit all those years ago.


A storage unit is always there for you whenever you need to organise or consolidate your belongings. Rent one to travel the world when you’re young. Rent one to travel the world when you’re old.