A Time Tracking Software Can Work Like a Virtual Punch List for your Employees


The punch list is a term used in the construction field. It defines the issues that need to be solved before the construction project is completed and delivered to the customer. In this stage, a constructor can see the results of his team’s work and assign new tasks. Thus, every employee knows what he or she has to do and the deadline until the completion is expected.

Even with a good organization, it’s hard to keep track of all your employees and follow their progress. Technology comes to the rescue and gives you an alternative to manual records. Online time clocks software is a tool that shows you exactly how much time your team members spend at work and how long it takes them until they fulfil a task.

A punch application is useful in every company

Don’t think that if you are not active in the construction industry you cannot use this amazing tool. The punch application is a must-have in every field. Thanks to it, your company’s productivity is increased, because everybody knows what their task is, what they should do every day and has to register the starting and ending time each day.

Also, the software automatically calculates if and how much overtime a person did and the payment applicable in every situation. As a result, companies save a lot of money – up to 80% for correcting any human error that might appear while calculating the wage and employees are more productive knowing that there no inequalities or subjectivity between them.

Usually, the tasks from a punch list are meant to correct errors in the construction area

Also known as snag list, the document contains tasks that can be performed by one, two persons or a team. The time assigned for completion will be shorter than in the case of building:

  • One of the tasks could be to repair a broken window;
  • If there are any missing end caps on the registers from baseboard heaters, they should be replaced;
  • Cracked paving repairs are other possible ”punches”;
  • The replacement of shingles missing from the rooftop;
  • Other issues with the installations from around the house.

Apart from the software for tracking the employees’ working time, other digital tools were created to support the activity in small, medium or large companies. The help we receive from technology shouldn’t be neglected, because it makes our lives a lot easier.

As a conclusion, we can mention that punch applications and time tracking software are the next step towards modern working methods and happier employees and business owners. You can look for more information about each tool. Check to see if it will work for you as it worked for many others.