A Useful Guide To Developer Terms


Web and app developers seem to speak their own language at times. When you hire a developer, you’ll want to know what they are talking about. With this handy glossary of terms, you’ll be able to keep up with the conversation and get what you want out of the arrangement. 




This is an error message that means that whatever page was requested could not be found. Usually this is because the page that is being linked to is either dead or broken.




API stands for Application Program Interface and its all about how computers and apps communicate with each other. 


Application/ App


These are programs that are designed to complete functions. This can include mobile apps.  


Back End 


The back end refers to all of the operations that are going on behind the scenes to make the front end run. This will include coding, plugins, and style. 




This is an error or a flaw in the app or website that stops it from running in the way that it is meant to. 




This is the storage of certain items to improve load times for repeat visitors. 




Classes are the blueprint used for creating something. 




CMS stands for content management system This is the program that you use to create and maintain the content of your website. These are usually designed for non-developers to use easily. An example of a CMS is WordPress. 




This refers to data sent by a server to a browser. This then sends data back as a means of tracking how often the server is accessed. 




CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. This is code that dictates how a webpage should be displayed, It holds all the information about fonts, colors, and all other visual elements.  




Development Operatons are a system of working that aims to keep all departments on the same page producing better end-products. 




This is a suite of programs that are used in software development. They lay the groundwork for the programming lanugauges that are used when creating your app or site. 




GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and this is the image of how a website will look in layout. 




what is graphql? GrahpQL is an open source data query language for APIs developed by Facebook. 




Out Of The Box, or Off The Shelf refer to readymade plug and play options that allow you to add functions to your app or site. This saves you having to make a feature from scratch. 




These are modules or pieces of software that can be added onto your system to provide additional functionality. 




This is the outline of all of the pages found on a website. These are organized in a hierarchical order. 




User Interface is the visual element that goes into a website. 




User Experience is about how the user interacts with an interface with a focus on how successful the experience actually is.