Admiral Markets Your Best Forex Broker


The world today is united by trade. No economy can afford to be a closed economy anymore. The world trade is divided into Commodity market that deals with exchange of goods and services and the Forex market that deals with exchange of world currencies. The Forex market is recognized for being the biggest market in the world in terms of liquidity. Hence there are so many Forex brokers all over the world trading in foreign currencies in different magnitudes. One such outstanding Forex Broker and Investment firm with international fame is the Admiral Markets.


Since its inception in 2001, Admiral Markets have been providing investment options and trading services with Forex and CFDs (contract for difference). While Forex only deals with foreign currency exchanges, CFDs deals with exchanges of commodity stocks, indices, precious metals, energies, and of late even cryptocurriencies. They have managed to spread their businesses globally with exceptional reputation only because of its superior standard of services and trading experiences. The financial investments are highly stable and secure in this firm, as it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom and European Economic Area (EEA).

Key Features:

The priority of this company remains the same even though they have international recognition, and that is educating its clients about the best trading practices. In their quest of providing transparency and superior trading experience they have taken the following steps:

  1. They conduct free trading seminars for their clients regularly in their offices.
  2. They conduct Webnairs from their London office to educate their clients about the skills of trading.
  3. They provide their client with high tech software with easy to use function tools to be updated with international trade practices.
  4. They provide round the clock guidance to their clients so that they can make well informed profitable decisions.
  5. They explain the volatility of the Forex market by making its clients aware of all the risk that are involved in trading as well as the opportunities available.
  6. They provide a lot of reference materials like books, CD’s, blogs, brochures and articles in various international languages that explain the basics of trading for those who are new to trading.
  7. They have advanced technical analysis workshops that explain the use of different software tools for those who are already skilled in trading in Forex market.

Global Significance of Admiral Markets:

The Admiral Markets Group AS comprises of Admiral Markets UK Ltd has its registration done in London and Admiral Markets AS has its registration done in Estonia.

At present Admiral Markets have active accounts of over 24000 clients globally and around 400 employees giving trading assistance all over the world. They were reader’s choice number one among all the Forex brokers registered on They were the runners up FX broker in 2015 in the Broker Wahl Germany awards. They have won many such accolades for their excellence in the field of Forex Trading in UK, Europe and Poland.

The flexibility advantage provided by this firm allows its clients to deposit and trade with the leading international currency accounts. A client can open multiple accounts dealing with several currencies simultaneously and internally transfer funds in case the currency fluctuates.

Admiral Markets Accounts:

There are three types of accounts offered by Admiral Markets to enhance you trading experience. Depending on you convenience and choice you can choose one or multiple accounts and start trading instantly. The three account types are:

The Admiral.Prime Account

The Admiral.MT5 Account

The Admiral.Markets Account

All the three account types have the same marketing execution, minimum order size, Hedging and Trading Platform and can make transactions through smartphones that use Andriod or Apple operating systems.

The differences between the three are leveraged on the list of asset, deposits and commission charges. The first two accounts has a prerequisite of minimum $1000 deposit prior to any type of trading. The Admiral.Prime Account and the Admiral.Markets account use MT4 software platform while the Admiral.MT5 account uses the latest MT5 software.

They allow you to open a demo account by choosing from any of the three accounts to actually have practical trading experience. This free service is beneficial to any trading aspirant who had prior apprehensions about any strategy with regard to Forex trading. You will virtually receive $10000 in terms of funds that you can actually use for market trading from your mobile. The free demo account is valid for 30 days and includes a step by step guide.

The User Friendly Website:

The Admiral Markets has a very user friendly website with all the essential information. Hence it can be easily used by an amateur as well as a pro in trading. This website uses two basic features to enhance the online trading experience of the clients.

The Autochartist feature: One of the most important features of this website is the advanced Autochartist tool. This feature helps you to automatically identify the Fibonacci pattern and other chart patterns. This world class technology can explore better trading prospects to all the clients as it can track numerous financial instruments all throughout the day. Any fluctuations in the patterns of the commodity or Forex markets can be highlighted by the specific engines of the website that recognize these fluctuating patterns.

The PowerStats feature: This unique feature of the Admiral Markets website provides vital statistics with regard to all the information required by the traders of Forex market. This feature helps to assess the level of risk and how volatile the market is at any given point of time. It also helps you to set up the stop-loss and take-profit tools.


All the traders can get a bonus of around 30% for their account deposits. The promotional ForexBall competition organized by Admiral Markets offers monetary as well as educational benefits. The other promotional strategy of this firm is the customized trading offer given once you deposit a minimum $15000.

Admiral Markets provide a comprehensive and mostly profitable, trading package to all its clients irrespective of their prior trading experience.