Advice from a Pro


Bob Jackson, COO of Sitters Etc. Franchising LLC, recently interviewed Alan Ginsberg, a franchise coach with The Entrepreneur Source.  Having transferred his skills of hiring and mentoring from a Corporate environment to his own franchise business, he offered the following perspective on successful franchisees:

Tell me about your background and your franchise consulting business.

After obtaining a BS Degree in Management, I spent 30 years in the corporate world with big brands in a retail environment.  I have a variety of experience in Retail, but my best skills were hiring, mentoring, and building great teams.  I’ve been a franchise coach for five years.  This business allows me to utilize my best skills.  I feel that I am rebuilding the economy, one business at a time.  From a numbers standpoint, I have been particularly successful with sign businesses and marketing businesses.

In your professional opinion, what are the key elements of a highly successful franchise operator?

Persistence, Planning, and Perseverance, combined with a constant analysis/questioning of themselves and the ability to adjust and adapt accordingly.

What are two frequent mistakes or missteps by new franchisees that prevent them from reaching revenue goals?

They almost have to put themselves in a state of accepting “not knowing” and be open to a state of constantly questioning themselves.  It’s about persistence, but it’s also about trusting others to help you find the way.

What tools or programs do you offer to mentor/coach franchise operators as they seek to expand or open multiple locations?

Basic coaching, profit and marketing tools, and peer-to-peer advisory as well.


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