Advice On Being A Successful Taxi Driver


Do you want a career as a successful taxi man – these tips are good to follow and smart advice.

How would you advise someone looking to become a taxi driver?

We are aware that being a taxi driver can at times be a difficult job considering that you have to work for long hours, can have to deal with rude clients, may be forced to work during the night, and in worst cases, you might be involved in an accident.

Taxi Driver offering advice to another driver

Therefore, we have gathered some useful tips from amazing taxi drivers across the UK on how to have a successful taxi driving career. In case you are just starting out as a taxi driver or would love to find out what other drivers are saying, then read on…

Our top piece of advice

Ensure that the car is always clean, particularly the interior. Don’t be overly familiar with your customers i.e try to maintain a friendly but professional relationship. Arrive on time and in case you are going to be late, inform them in advance.

Don’t undersell your competition too much, you will be able to attract more customers when you offer a better service rather than just cheap prices. Last but not least, in my opinion, avoid becoming a slave to the job; it is important to take some days off and on these days, stay away from your taxi! You can hire a second driver to cover you or give the job to another reliable company – just ensure that your taxi insurance allows for this.

Passenger advice

Don’t let the few rude and ill-mannered customers discourage you. Most clients are well-mannered and decent people who you might even create friendships with.

Maintain professionalism and always be polite. Many things can occur in your taxi and in case you are ever in an unpleasant situation, try to peacefully resolve the situation. If you are feeling uneasy about offering your services to someone, as they say, always trust your intuition, as this can help you avoid a lot of problems. Your safety should be your top priority.

Avoid disagreeing with people’s opinions, entertain their views to avoid conflict; regardless of if you concur or not. In case you are a big football fan, don’t outrightly express your support, you can introduce the topic lightly only when you see it fit.

Make sure you know your destination and interact with your customers. We all have different characters, while there are those customers who enjoy talking, others love to keep to themselves. You have to ascertain this in the first few moments of entering your car.

The epitome of quality customer service: offer your customers snacks, open and shut their doors for them, find out if they are okay with the temperature, find out if their legroom is okay, stay happy, make light jokes, take the extra effort! Try not to argue with your clients, as they say, the customer is always right, dress appropriately and be polite.

Advice on how to balance work and personal life

As a taxi driver, you will work for long hours, however, don’t overwork yourself. Find time for your family and friends.

Don’t work excessively long hours. Set a weekly target and commit to it. More importantly, ensure that you engage in some regular exercises and walks.

Taxi driving is quite stressful. It is important to install a dashcam in your vehicle for your safety. Don’t exceed 7 hours of shifts. Remember to mind the lives of the people around you.

Avoid working at night if possible. Be polite and be aware of your area. Make sure you go home when feeling tired and take a lot of water.

Advice for while on the road

  • Maintain professionalism, be discreet and enjoy the trip.
  • Uphold integrity and be reliable, keep in mind that the ability to retain customers is more beneficial than finding new ones.
  • Repeat customers are crucial to the success of your business, hence, customer service is critical.
  • Exercise caution while on the road and avoid using your phone while driving and if possible, keep off aggressive drivers.
  • Get familiar with your area and always pre-plan your route before starting your journey. Confirm the destination. After doing this, relax and initiate conversations with your customers.
  • Install CCTV surveillance in your interior and get insurance approved dash cams for the front and back of your car. If it is past 11 pm, make sure your customers pay first.
  • Always have patience, be honest, and have extensive knowledge of the area. Always be friendly and you should never express your anger to others regardless of the situation.
  • Love your job, it is the best!
  • Advice on taxi insurance
  • Visit insureTAXI for your insurance
  • Go for comprehensive insurance, not third party alone