All That You Should Know About Keeping a Beard That Looks and Smells Great


While is easy to grow a beard, it is relatively painstaking to keep it well-groomed so that it adds to your personal style and presence. A beard that is evidently uncared for, unkempt, itchy, and smelly can turn off completely anyone you approach, especially the women that you had hoped to impress with your masculinity. Growing a beard and keeping it well groomed can be challenging; however, since the rewards are well worth the extra effort, you should make an attempt to know how to look after your beard. Some useful tips:

Cleaning and Moisturizing

The fundamental benefit of keeping your beard clean is that it prevents facial itchiness and keeps both the face and the beard soft. Most people find facial itchiness unbearable and end up shaving the beard off completely. While using a specialized beard wash and conditioner is recommended, it is perfectly okay if you use a mild shampoo and a conditioner. If you find the beard to be wiry, use a beard balm and wash properly. Dry the beard with a clean towel and comb with a wide tooth comb to remove the tangles. Do not use a hair dryer as it can make the hair tough.

Buy Proper Beard Grooming Tools

Since getting your beard maintained by professionals can be costly and time-consuming, it makes great sense to buy essential beard grooming tools so that you can groom the beard right at home. Look around to buy the best stubble trimmer you can afford, preferably a cordless one, because they are very convenient when you have a very hectic schedule. If you have a long or full beard, you can opt for a professional pair of scissors and a comb, though some trimmers do have longer length settings.

Learn to Use the Trimmer

While a beard trimmer can work wonders, you will be able to make your beard look really good only if you know how to use it properly. Be sure to comb the beard downwards before operating the trimmer. However, some professional stylists recommend an upward trimmer motion until you reach the sideburns and then combing it down to achieve a neat look. Make it a point to dry your hair before trimming; wet hair becomes longer and there is every chance that you will end up trimming off more than you want.

Maintain Your Beard Regularly

For best result, set aside a certain time every day for grooming your beard. Ideally, in the morning before starting your busy day, you should wash your beard, condition it with a conditioner or special-purpose beard oil and comb it properly to remove the tangles after drying it. For best effect, comb first with a wide-tooth comb, then with a fine-tooth comb, and finally with a hairbrush.


A neat beard can be an asset to your personality, however, you need to find out which style suits you, and then establish a maintenance schedule that keeps it looking at its best. Use the best-quality grooming accessories and learn how to use them properly. Ensure good hygiene and use quality grooming products for a neat and clean appearance.