Amazon Music Unlimited: Review And Alternatives


The online streaming services have taken the world by storm by changing the format on how people consume and listen to music. People do not need to buy and own various songs from different artists and purchase physical albums. People can now download apps that will allow them to download and store these songs on their mobile or personal computers.  

Amazon entered the game by introducing its own streaming platform way back in 2007 and has continued to evolve in order to keep up with the market. At the moment, they have over 55 million listeners worldwide. 

Getting to Know Amazon Music Unlimited

The format of Amazon’s online music streaming platform has evolved since it was introduced to include varieties of subscription options, substantial music library, and support for other Amazon products including Amazon Echo and Fire TV. It has features that could easily stand out to users especially to those who want to experience high-resolution audio that works well with other gadgets powered by their famous virtual assistant AI, Alexa. 

Previously without free subscription options, you can now stream selected playlists and stations. These are ad-supported, but still limited compared to other streaming platforms that give access to their complete library while being supported by ads and limited navigation to other songs. 

Just like its competitors, Amazon allows for a 30- day trial before trying out the full subscriptions. When you are using other Amazon products and devices, you get a discounted price for your subscription. There are better payment options available to students as well that perfectly fits their budget while enjoying the whole library. This platform, however, does not let you record your own audio thus it cannot be used to promote independent music. 

It is not only in visuals that you get an HD version. Amazon launched its Music Unlimited HD for people who want a higher quality music experience. This plan offers more than 50 million tracks in lossless CD-quality sound. It is like upgrading the resolution of sound quality as it is being delivered in your ears. This comes with a more expensive price, but is totally worth it for people looking into quality music through the mobile or personal computer. 

Other Alternatives

Amazon Music Unlimited is quite different from Amazon Prime Music both in coverage and subscription price, but both can be ad-free apps for your devices. In terms of music library, Amazon Music, which is a standalone music, boasts 50 million music tracks while Amazon Prime, a tie-up with Prime subscriptions, can only offer 2 million. If you are not very particular with the kind of music you want, you can go for Amazon Prime, but take note that the most popular and recent music from well-known artists around the world are only available on Amazon Music Unlimited.

As previously mentioned, Amazon released different tiers for its online streaming service You can get an HD and a Prime tie-up subscriptions as well as family plans that let you share the service among family members for a cheaper price compared to individual subscription plans. 

Amazon Music Unlimited Family allows you to add members of your family to the subscription, which saves you tons of money if everyone will combine the total cost of individual subscriptions. You essentially pay for a single monthly membership. You can listen to the whole library simultaneously without interruption and without interaction effects on the different activities of everyone. You can invite or remove family members anytime. 

Amazon Music Unlimited Echo on the other hand is a plan you use with your Echo device. This device will let you connect to Alexa for a voice- activated navigation for playing music, searching for other songs, and so much more. There are also different promotions from time to time that allow you to enjoy Amazon Music for a very cheap price in longer durations.

How to End Subscription

When you want to stop getting charged for your subscription you can opt to deactivate and cancel. You can easily go to the setting and click on the cancel subscription option anytime. You can deactivate your account and opt-out of any future feedback and mail listings as well. This is easy for people who do not want to continue with Amazon Music any longer. 

Amazon Music Unlimited can provide you with your music fix when you subscribe to its services monthly. It assures you that you get to hold onto millions of content so there is a variety in the music experience. You also have a choice when it comes to subscriptions which depend on your budget and connections.