An In Depth Look into Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of LogMeOnce


Name and official title of the CEO or founder of the company.
Kevin Shahbazi, CEO

Tell us about your business.
The Problem:
You waste valuable time every day trying to keep straight all those passwords in your head. Which one did you use last? Which one has the semicolon? And you worry about whether anyone will figure any of them out. You know you shouldn’t write down your passwords or use the same one every time (like your aunt’s birthday or 1234abcd), but you do it anyway. You’re trying to save time by keeping your passwords simple, but you’re actually taking up more time worrying about your security and the safety of your many accounts and apps.

The Solution:
LogMeOnce simplifies your life by making it incredibly easy to protect your privacy and your online security. With LogMeOnce, you no longer have to worry all the time. And you no longer are exposing yourself to the predatory behavior of hackers who count on users of computers and mobile devices to use weak or duplicative data to get into accounts and files.

The LogMeOnce password manager lets users securely log in from any device with a master password. LogMeOnce is the only company in the industry that provides users with multiple options to save their credentials and store them in an encrypted cloud, their own desktop or a LogmeOnce USB. It also supports multi-factor authentication, which significantly cuts down the amount of time and effort users need to manage their accounts while giving them peace of mind.

Fresh off the acquisition by McAfee of their previous company (Trust Digital), the award-winning founders of LogMeOnce developed and delivered LogMeOnce to the market in 2011. LogMeOnce’s existing security suite includes:

• Password Management for consumers
• Password & Identity Management as a service (IDaaS) for businesses
• Mugshot
• Password Dialer
• Dropbox Security
• Stay tuned for more announcements

As founders, we have been involved in the encryption and security industry since the early nineties. Within the past 20 years, we have developed encryption and security-related products for both government agencies and commercial enterprise.

What makes your company the leader in the industry?
The innovative and award- winning LogMeOnce password security and management system is a security application designed to help consumers and businesses in their efforts to protect and manage their passwords.

In today’s digital environment, end users need help to reduce their risk of identity theft and hacks while protecting their online privacy. LogMeOnce is filling a critical need, by bringing value directly to where people stand to lose their most important asset — their identity. We are helping end users protect and manage their passwords and security credentials, and we’re making it easy for them.

As a “zero-knowledge” company, LogMeOnce does not ever know a user’s encryption key or actual passwords. With LogMeOnce, you are the only one who has absolute knowledge of your actual password and encryption key — only you can decrypt your account.

Some of LogMeOnce’s eye-catching differentiators in the market are;
1. Free Password Manager: Available on all devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac).
2. Mugshot: When an intruder tries to log into your account and makes an incorrect password attempt, LogMeOnce’s Mugshot takes the hacker’s photo and collects pertinent information, such as the person’s IP Address, GPS location and time stamp, and silently emails it to you in the background for you to reference. With Mugshot, end-users will no longer be an easy target for hackers. We are enabling users to effectively ward-off hackers and protect their credentials. If a hacker has the intention to break into an account, they would have to think twice now, because they simply don’t know what else the user is throwing back at them. And more importantly, it goes back to our security culture of establishing multiple security layers for better protection, so when one layer fails, you have more layers to protect.
3. Password Dialer: Simply point your finger, dial, and create a new strong password.
4. Password Storage Options: LogMeOnce is the only company in the industry that provides users with multiple options to save their credentials and store them in an encrypted cloud, their own desktop or a LogmeOnce USB.
5. Live Security Scorecard: Know how your passwords are performing in real-time.
6. Password Changer: Our password changer keeps users’ passwords and user names on their own computer & it’s always encrypted!

What contributions have you made/ are willing to take towards the world?

Humbled with his experience, Kevin Shahbazi is trained in many cultures, living across the globe in different continents. For over three decades, Mr. Kevin Shahbazi has been active with various philanthropic programs and homeless shelters across the globe.

Presently LogMeOnce is in talks to provide our security and productivity platform to two charitable organizations located in Australia and USA. Both organizations provide essential clothing, gear & services to families in need nationwide, and make a difference in a child’s life.

Who or what has influenced you?

As serial entrepreneurs, we are grateful to many teachers throughout our lives who influenced us;

• Trying to avoid sounding cliché, the reality is that both our parents were utterly influential in our lives
o Our dad taught us the strength, ability to listen, manage and be organized
o Our mom taught us how to connect, love all and respect
o Both were seriously involved throughout our academic lives
• Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – For their rigorous technical training and education
• Amit Yoran, President of RSA– For his vision, trust, and ability to dissect challenges
• Tom McDonough, President of SourceFire (now Cisco) – For his vision and advise
• And of course, a lot more teachers….
6 What key qualities do they look for in their team?

• Technical Expertise and Detail Oriented
• Autonomous and Team Player
• Passionate and Hard-Working
• Modest with Positive Outlook
• Integrity, with Cultural Fit
Words of advice for others growing their business/for purpose organization?

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Famous quotes from Steve Martin’s book: Born Standing Up



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