An Insight Into One Of The Fastest Growing Media Platforms, Blab.IM


Name and official title:

Shaan Puri is the CEO.  The official title of everyone in the company is “Problem Solver”.

Tell us about Blab.IM:

Blab is only about 8 months old, we do conversational and interactive video live streaming, and we have 14 employees.

What makes Blab the leader in their industry?:

Blab has the most engaging live-streamed conversations.  Communities thrive and form here.

What contributions has Blab made/ are willing to take towards the world?:

We are democratizing media–anyone can push a button and go live talking about whatever they want.

Who or what has influenced the Blab team (book, movie, person, other company/for purpose organization)?:

We have really diverse interests, I’m sure a hero to one would mean nothing to the other.

What key qualities does Blab look for in their team?:

Everyone one the team is a degenerate.  We all got here via winding paths, we are all obsessive people who aren’t scared to experiment and make mistakes in the name of trying something new. Most people aren’t where they want to be in life–so why do things like most people?

Words of advice for others growing their business/for purpose organization?:

Be transparent. Be creative. Tell a good story.


Super-Julie Smaller  Edited by Meagan Sims