An Open Letter to a Lawyer


Dear Lawyer,


Medical malpractice cases are very complex. Even more difficult is the job of proving that a health care professional offered a sub-standard care.  This is where your services as a medical practice lawyer who is versed in medical and legal issues come in.  If your client sustained injury due to medical negligence, you can educate them about what is involved in a law suit or settlement deal.


A good medical malpractice lawyer must be a fervent advocacy for his client’s rights. You have to ensure that they get justice. A good example of a medical malpractice lawyer worthy of emulation is Percy Martinez. His goal is to always succeed and win cases for clients.  He does this by leveraging client’s right as written in the law combined with his experience to achieve a good monetary award through trial or settlement. This has given him the level of success he has achieved in his field today.


A good sign of a professional medical malpractice lawyer is the number of cases he has successfully won. You must strive to win cases and get justice for your clients.

Percy has argued and won thousands of cases before distinguished judges and juries. Of note are many high profile cases that have been featured in local and national media outlets such as 60 minutes and Forensic files.


He has represented clients in complex legal cases throughout the nation and federal courts in Florida, Texas, Nevada, Nebraska, Georgia, New York and California among others.


The most important persons under the law are victims of medical malpractice. These people are made to suffer from one injury or the other or bear the agony of losing a loved one. Unbearable injury and death can be emotionally and financially devastating.


In most cases, it is always difficult for victims to go up against a physician, a company or insurance company that provides substandard services. This is where good medical malpractice lawyers come in. Percy Martinez and his team of seasoned lawyers are inspired to fight for clients rights every day.  So as a lawyer, be ready to fight for your clients.


As a lawyer, don’t take on too many cases. You won’t be able to focus and your success rate will be limited.  Percy Martinez does not take on every case that comes in.  He is selective.


He chooses cases that he knows he will win and where he can make a huge difference for the victim of accident, negligence or malpractice.  Any client that is lucky to work with him will discover that he handles medical malpractice cases with all seriousness and get justice that his client crave for.


As a seasoned lawyer, you should be able to assist victims of medical negligence, accident or malpractice to get awards, no matter the amount.  Percy Martinez has worked with clients with multi-million dollar monetary awards and won.  He is able to utilize all his experience on clients’ behalf. You should emulate him.


Good to have you here.