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Tom Taormina is a Senior Business Advisor in the fields of business process and quality system management and in organizational excellence. Tom has authored 12 books in these fields. He has helped companies from startups to Fortune 100’s, like Dell Computer, achieve their most challenging goals.

Tom is also a prominent expert witness in product liability litigation and organizational negligence. His 11th book, Foreseeable Risk, is a desk reference for litigators and is a guide for business leaders to drive warranty and rework to near-zero levels, while immunizing their organizations from liability.

Tom was one of the first Quality Control Engineers when the discipline began its evolution in the 1960’s. He was a member of the Project Apollo team for NASA at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, where he worked in the Mission Control Center for 14 years. His pioneering work on Project Apollo started a 40+ year career, working with more than 600 companies.

His 12th book, It WAS Rocket Science, reveals the business model of Project Apollo that enables business leaders to achieve enterprise success utilizing the same processes used to win the space race in less than a decade. Also from the book, he shares the steps to solving impossible problems learned from the Apollo 13 disaster in space.

Tom is a Certified Management Consultant and a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence. He lives and works in Virginia City, NV.

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