Are IT Problems Killing Your Productivity


Having to deal with constant tech issues can be a real headache. If things keep going wrong and your work keeps getting interrupted, you could find that you become less productive each day. Here are just a few measures that could help to put an end to your tech woes.  

Consider your hardware

Old hardware could be to blame for constant tech issues. Computers ought to be replaced every three to five years. After this period, you’re likely to experience frequent problems such as hard drive faults that could be causing computers to crash. Similarly, old wi-fi routers may develop connection problems while old printers are likely to develop printing quality problems.

You can save money on brand new hardware by looking out for sales. Some companies may offer finance schemes, instalment plans or leasing options for spreading out the cost.

Consider your software

The problem may lie with the software that you’re using. Old legacy software that is no longer supported is likely to experience more bugs. Not only that, but it could leave your system open to viruses. As a result, you should always use software that is supported – any bugs are likely to be ironed out with updates and you’ll always be protected against the latest threats.

Sometimes problems can occur from software that’s overly complex. If you have to take staff through thorough training just to use software, you may want to consider whether there’s a simpler software option available that’s more user-friendly. You don’t want staff constantly bothering you because they’ve accidentally made a toolbar disappear or can’t find the right button.

Invest in back-up

There are many ways in which you can back up your business so that when problems occur you can simply switch to the backup solution. For instance, you could make sure that you have a second wi-fi connection that you can switch to when you have a connection outage, as well as a backup electric generator to fall back on if there is a power cut. Then of course, it’s always worth backing up your data – if you are hacked or important data is accidentally deleted, you’ll still have all your important files backed up. You could back up your data on the cloud or on a private server. 

Hire the right help

It could be worth outsourcing an IT consulting company to solve any issues that you may have, as well as possibly suggesting improvements. There could be ways of streamlining software or improving connectivity in order to prevent problems occurring. Some IT services can even be outsourced to provide on demand support whenever bugs and glitches arise. These IT services may even be able to monitor your network for you in order to spot big tech issues such as cyberattacks early.

Keep on top of maintenance

Your tech needs to be well maintained in order for it to perform at it’s best. Make sure that necessary updates are made and that small hardware faults are recorded so that they can be fixed before they become major faults.