Are Super Pacs like Tabloid Newspapers?


Many Americans are far too busy with work, family, chores, bills, and struggling to hold everything thing together in these stressful times. Sure, the presidential race is now starting to heat up – the Iowa “primary” is right around the corner, and the debates have been ongoing for months. But there hasn’t been a lot of press about the “Super Pacs” but that tide seems to be turning. With primary season starting, it’s time for the big guns to come out swinging, and the Super Pacs are ready to roll!

Citizens United is the Super Pac on Mitt Romney’s side. Lead by a former Romney campaign aid, and with fundraising numbers in the millions, Citizens United is using its war chest to achieve two goals. The first is of course to highlight the differences between President Obama and self-anointed frontrunner Mitt Romney. However, the second goal is to take down any rivals for the GOP nomination. Mr. Gingrich as “yet another Washington insider career politician” is its target right now. What sensational headlines will we see come from their advertising?

There’s also a pro-Gingrich Super Pac, Solutions 2012, but they haven’t yet hit their stride. One strategy they may have is to paint Mr. Romney as an elitist, out of touch with the American people (that $10,000 bet didn’t help Mitt!). They may take aim at Mr. Romney in a way similar to the brand new Democrat-backed Super Pac named AmericanLP which has a television ad showing Mr. Romney speaking French. Does anyone remember Pierre DuPont?

Not to be forgotten is the President Obama focused super Pac, Priorities USA Action. So far they have only targeted Mr. Romney, but with millions in the bank they are sure to throw a few jabs at Mr. Gingrich’s glass chin of trustworthiness. He developed that Achilles heel after too many divorces and ethics issues, and he is sure to spend a lot of energy defending himself.

We can only imagine the scandalous attacks and innuendo that will bombard the good people of Iowa and New Hampshire. The tabloids may have nothing on the Super Pacs. We wait for the most memorable ones!