Are These Hidden Workplace Hazards Threatening Your Business


Some workplace dangers will be all too apparent. 


Holes in the roof of your business premises could result in watery slip hazards. Mold growing around your walls could result in an unsafe breathing atmosphere. And clutter on the floor, including the wires running from your equipment, could result in a trip hazard. As a good business manager, you would make the necessary repairs and keep a clean and tidy office to reduce the risks to your staff and customers. 


But then there are those hidden workplace dangers that could be missed without closer inspection.


Employee Fatigue


According to a survey conducted by the National Safety Council, 90% of employers are negatively affected by tired employees. The side-effects of fatigue include low productivity, careless mistakes, and as stated in the survey, death and injury. Especially in those workplaces where pieces of machinery are used, it is easy to understand how accidents can take place when tired employees are put in charge of them. 


As the employer, you need to watch out for fatigued employees. You can reduce the danger by encouraging more breaks, changing shift patterns, and limiting overtime. Not only is this in your employees’ best interest, as you need to watch out for your business interests too. A workplace injury could affect your reputation, and you might be faced with a compensation claim, so you shouldn’t ignore the problem.


Unseen fire hazards


When did you last check the batteries in your smoke detector? You might forget, especially if you’re constantly busy, but if a fire did break out, you could face catastrophe if your smoke alarm wasn’t operating. Then there’s your electrical wiring. If you’re operating in an older building, it might be that the wiring needs to be replaced. There could be issues with your electrical equipment too, especially those that have a tendency to overheat. These fire hazards aren’t always noticeable, but you need to be alert to them.


To reduce danger, take the steps necessary. Replace old batteries, get an electrician in to examine your wiring and PAT test your equipment, get your emergency lighting tested by the fire service, and switch off those items that could overheat when they aren’t in use. These simple steps could save your business premises and they could save lives. 


Poor Air Quality


We already mentioned mold, as this is one substance that could affect the air quality in your workplace. But what about the toner chemicals used in your photocopier? What about the chemical fumes from your cleaning equipment? What about the dust that has built up in your workplace? These are just some of the reasons why the air quality in your workplace could be poor, and if your rooms aren’t ventilated, the health of yourself and your employees will be put at risk. The poor air quality in office spaces is the cause of illness for 40% of employees, according to one report, so this is something you need to act on. 


To reduce the danger, add more ventilation to your workspace. Ensure your air vents aren’t blocked and replace air filters regularly. A few plants around your workplace can help to clean the air too. By taking such steps, you will all be able to breathe a little easier at work. 



So, are these hidden workplace hazards threatening your business? Take the necessary steps if so, as the lives of the people on your premises depend on your actions.