Are you Disturbing the Environment if you Raise your Pets in a Residential Area?


Well, the query is absolutely wrong because if a pet is raised, it gets affection and love from a human being. The environment gets disturbed only if the owner of the pets is not maintaining certain hygienic precautions while raising the pets. In a residential area, all sorts of human being stay and some may like the idea of raising pets, and some may get irritated by pets and create a problem for others. But all these can be controlled if proper hygienic ways of raising are used. Pets are so lovely that there is no human being who hates them. Raising of pets may be your dream but make sure you are not disturbing the life of the animal just to satisfy your fantasy. Sometimes the pets do not get adjusted to human society and their living standards. In such a situation, even though you give them a quality environment to stay, they won’t be able to grow healthy because they miss their home that is the forest.

Pets like dogs and cats have got used to the city environment, and they can stay anywhere either in the forest or a residential area. But if you are raising a horse as a pet, check the health condition of the horse regularly until it gets used to the environment. Creating such a replica of a forest in the city area is very difficult. A horse is big and needs plenty of space. In a busy area, providing huge space to it may be impossible. You should be wealthy enough to provide it a suitable stable for it to stay and should not mind spending on its food and medicines.

What if you are not so wealthy and are a common man but have a fantasy of raising a horse?

Well, a fantasy is a fantasy and anyone can have it provided they take proper care to achieve what they want. For a common man, raising of a horse may be a source of income as he can allow the horses to participate in horse races and on winning the race, it fetches good revenue. If you want to see horse races but are not able to participate in it then do not worry, visit TVG and watch horse racing.

How can you give a good environment to your horse?

For a wealthy man, creating a replica of forest may be possible but for a common man, it is very difficult so with whatever sources he has, he has to raise the horse and at the same time ensure that the environment is also saved from pollution. The following tips may help him in his duties:

  • Always keep the horse and its stable neat and clean. This avoids bad smell from spreading everywhere. If the place is dirty, there is a chance of mosquitoes coming, and even this can be avoided. A mosquito bit is harmful to the human being as well as the horse.
  • Always ensure you through the animal waste in an isolated area which is not disturbing anyone. If possible, try to clear it as soon as possible because the municipalities working in that area will punish any such thing.

There are infinite precautions, but these will be effective only when they are implemented.