Are You Still Using These 3 Outdated Seo Practices That Will Do More Harm Than Good to Your Search Engine Rankings


You may have set your blog, done everything possible for it to be rank higher on the search engines, but it isn’t just working. You give up and think that paid traffic is the only way to drive traffic. You’re wrong.

Ideally, there are some outdated techniques that you’re still using to improve your search results, but they don’t work anymore. It is important that you know these SEO practices that no longer work, and don’t apply them again.

1) Writing Keyword Rich Content for Better Ranking

In the past, it was important that you write keyword rich content to rank higher on search engines. Not anymore; Google has now changed its algorithm. It now uses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) that makes sure your web pages are crawled and the common keywords on your web pages are analyzed. The LSI also identifies synonyms that  relate to the keywords already analyzed.

Nowadays, it is important that you create great content, while paying attention to your audience. Know what your audience want to read and write exactly about that. Content that solves the problems of your readers will always rank higher because in most cases your readers will share them.

You do not have to stuff keywords in your articles such that article’s readability goes down. Simply craft a valuable and informative content that solves your readers problems. If you’re interested to pay for link building services, you can search online for savvy SEO companies.

2) Trying to Build More Pages to Get Traffic On Your Website

It is bitter, but you will have to swallow it. When you want your site to rank well, it’s not quantity but quality. Stop listening to all the rumors around that tells you the more you create pages, the more your site gets more traffic. That’s nonsense and anybody telling you that know it. If you must generate more traffic to your blogs, then you must craft valuable and actionable content.

In fact, Google’s new algorithm can detect a poorly written content and thanks, they now have penalties for that. So, if you think you’re going to spin content and post it, know that you are calling for a penalty.

It’s better to take your time, research on what you want to write about and come up with a unique but educative content that aims at educating your readers. Ranking on search engines will come naturally. In fact, you will not even need to pay for ads to generate traffic. Google will have done that for you for free.

3) Guest Blogging at Authority Sites Thinking You’ll Get More Traffic

This is one of the myths companies and bloggers believe work. Let’s get honest here; guest blogging on authority sites don’t work anymore. It’s bitter to read that, but here’s why. Authority or popular sites like HuffPost don’t generate you more traffic as you perceive.

The reason is simple; popular publication sites nowadays write many posts in a day. So, you may get that 30 posts were posted alongside yours. Do you think you;re going to stay on the front page for long? Hell no. That’s why you shouldn’t trust the authority sites for guest blogging.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get it from the grapevine. Get facts and take actions. Some of these bloggers don’t really care about what they write. So, it is important that you always take pieces of advice from the right bloggers that have experience.