Are You Tired and Grumpy? The Quick, Easy Way to become Enthused Again


Ruth King Photo SmallerThis summer was really hot in many areas of the country. And, the hurricanes disrupted many lives in the southeast and Gulf Coast. You might have become grumpy – you’re not having fun anymore.

One of the air conditioning installation managers I work with wasn’t having any fun. He was depressed and dreaded coming to work. His attitude was rubbing off on the field crews.

The remedy – simple. I made him find something to complement each crew member on every day. He did it. Now, a month later, he’s feeling better and the field employees are feeling better. Work has improved too.

When you are so busy that you can’t see straight, and you have so many things on your to do list, you probably feel that all you are doing is putting out fires.

You get tired and grumpy.

If you are tired, and grumpy, guess what? Your employees, who are also probably tired, get grumpy.

Then, your company attitude goes down. You aren’t cheerful on the telephone with customers. Your grumpiness even rubs off on your customers.

The death spiral has begun.

The quick and easy way to eliminate the grumpiness death spiral – say thank you.

Every day find a way to say thank you to your employees. When you are sincere, you can’t be grumpy. You will feel better just by saying it. Then, your attitude picks up and everyone’s attitude in the office picks up.

Saying thank you helps build morale in busy and slow times. Do it. It takes less than a minute per employee. You will enjoy coming to work and so will your employees.