Athlete Advantage Leads Charity Giving to Extreme Sports Athletes


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Founder and CEO, Donnie Ozenne goes on air with Manfred Sternberg on Business Talk 1110AM

 Houston, Texas (May 15, 2017) – Donnie Ozenne, Founder & CEO of Athlete Advantage, which is a certified 501(c)3 organization in Houston, went into the studio on “The Price of Business” radio show featuring host Bill Knapik of Stewart Title and Co-host Business Lawyer Manfred Sternberg of Manfred Sternberg and Associates. Manfred makes monthly appearances on the longest running business radio show which airs on KTEK 1110AM, M-F from 7am to 8am in Houston and on-line at  The platform features next generation business leaders and breaking commercial endeavors.

Left to right: Manfred Sternberg, Bill Knapik and Donnie Ozenne

“After I witnessed an unfortunate accident at the X-Games in Austin, Texas where an athlete was injured and could not afford the care to help himself and his family; I wanted to do something to help out these courageous athletes and their families,” says Mr. Ozenne “This year we launched, which is a support centered organization that raises funds through corporate sponsorships, athlete sponsorship programs, fundraising events, donations and memberships.”

Pre-show meeting
Pre-show meeting

“I wanted to have Donnie on the show because of his passion for athletes and their families,” says Manfred, “He has created a truly unique platform and marketplace solution for those risking everything to push the limits of human and some may say super-human capabilities.”

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About Athlete Advantage and Donnie Ozenne

DonnieAthlete Advantage is a volunteer-based organization led by experts in the fields of sports management, financial planning, non-profit-management, and health/life management.  Interested participants may visit for ways that you can become involved either as a volunteer at one of our events or financially support our athletes.

Funds for the operation are used to directly prepare the athlete with medical coverage, legal and financial planning, medical evacuation services, assists with out-of-pocket-medical expenses, membership dues, and other life planning services for our athletes before and after a tragic injury may occur. 

Founder and CEO Donnie Ozenne is a Honorably Discharged U.S. Army Veteran, extreme athlete involved in skydiving, surfing, water & snow skiing, mountain biking and wake surfing and an enthusiastic supporter of the X-Games and other extreme sports tournaments worldwide.