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Kathie De Chirico is the Principal and Chief Strategy Officer for Visionary Strategies, a boutique consultancy focusing on creating strategic platforms for companies with revenues from $25 to $75 million, unlocking the “sleeping” potential of companies through people, processes, product and performance measurements. Finding gaps in the company system and developing alignment across an organization, the company is refocused back to their core competency and competitive advantage. With this focus, both internal and external value is created. She has served as COO at prestigious companies such as VVA LLC/VVA Sweett Group, The Bromley Group, and Basic Elements in a dual President/ COO capacity, as well as NewsCorp/The Wall Street Journal as a key executive and brings years of strategic foresight, brand development, operational alignment to strategy. Kathie De Chirico, an experienced C-Level executive with broad industry experience in leadership and management was recently appointed as the Vice Chair of the DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation as well as the Chair of the Women’s Financial Literacy Initiative that is focused on awareness and education around financial health and independence, and serves often as a keynote speaker on Women’s Leadership Initiatives globally.

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