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Magency Digital CFO Alexandre Gomez Talks 200% Annual Growth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Kevin Price of the Price of Business and Co-host Jason Smith interviewed Alexandre Gomez, CFO of Magency Digital, a mobile software company that specializes in audience engagement. Magency Digital is a 4-year old company that has experienced 200% growth each… Continue Reading →

Syncsort CFO Krish Venkataraman Discusses Data Benefit and Operating Costs on Price of Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Syncsort CFO and COO Krish Venkataraman joined Kevin Price and Co-host Jason Smith on the Price of Business to discuss how data can benefit the bottom line in managing the operating costs in business. Syncsort is a global leader in high-performance,… Continue Reading →

Operating Costs-Tente CFO Ben Mulling Shares The Best Practices of CFOs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Operating Costs-The Best Practices of CFOs with Price of Business Guest Ben Mulling CFO of Tente Casters Ben Mulling joined Kevin Price of Price of Business and co-host Jason Smith to discuss some thoughts thoughts on operating costs and the… Continue Reading →

WFF Senior VP of Finance Timothy Vosse Talks Lowering Operating Costs and FEI

Reading Time: 2 minutes LEI St. Louis Chapter President Timothy Vosse Discusses Decreasing Operating Costs WFF Facility Services Senior VP of Finance Timothy Vosse joined Jason Smith and Kevin Price on the Price of Business to discuss how CFOs can lower operating costs while… Continue Reading →

The CFO’s Role

Reading Time: 6 minutes Managing Profitable Growth: The CFO’s Role                                                                                                 by Frank Cespedes and Jason Smith The goal of strategy is sustained profitable growth, and that means earning returns above your cost of capital or what economists call “Economic Profit” (EP). Companies seeking profitable… Continue Reading →

Value of Marketing in Brands

Reading Time: 5 minutes Understanding and Measuring the Value of Marketing in Brands After interviewing James Gregory in December 2014, I was able to follow up with him to better understand the Value of Marketing in Brands. John Wanamaker said, “I get half of my… Continue Reading →

Aligning Strategy and Sales

Reading Time: 6 minutes Company Sales & Strategy The gap between a company’s sales and strategy are important now more than ever. While we may or may not be recovering from a lengthly recession, it has been a slippery slope towards recovery for many… Continue Reading →

Reading Time: < 1 minute Operating Costs On average, each $1 in cost reduction can equal $5 in new revenue. So, in an economic environment where sales are flat and clients are resisting price increases, cost reduction is a primary way to improve the bottom… Continue Reading →

Reducing Your Operating Costs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reducing Your Operating Costs “Assuming that by greed or carelessness, you withdrew from your standard nourishment, you might be penny smart, and Dollar stupid.” An essential approach to safeguard cash is to decrease expenditures. There are a great deal of… Continue Reading →

Jason Smith

Reading Time: 2 minutes Reducing Operating Costs Jason Smith is the founder of Services are provided on a contingency basis – meaning that clients pay only a percentage of the operating costs that are saved. If there are no savings then there are… Continue Reading →

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