Frank Granett

Physiological Cause for ADHD and other Behavioral Disorders?

Reading Time: 2 minutes By: Dr. Chris Bennett      ADHD and several other disorders have become household names that most parents and children have struggled with in some capacity or another. Could there be a possible simple solution? There are multiple different causes or… Continue Reading →

Preventing Stress-aholism in Corporate America

Reading Time: 2 minutes   As businesses strive to gain market share and ultimately increase profits, a growing health risk trend is alarmingly festering within corporate America.Stress-aholism in the workplace is escalating year after year.The World Health Organization (WHO) states that stress-related illnesses cost… Continue Reading →

Stress, Mental Health and Nutrition – the Missing Link Find out what’s missing in the body, and give it what it needs

Reading Time: 6 minutes By: Rosalie Moscoe, RHN, RNCP      Stress is a normal part of life; it keeps us challenged, moving forward and focused on our goals. However, we all have heard of or know someone who is on stress/sick leave. Maybe it’s… Continue Reading →

Reading Time: 4 minutes Over 12 million children and young adults consume ADHD stimulant and psychiatric medications in the United States. Pharmaceutical corporations generated near 9 billion dollars in 2012 for ADHD stimulant drug sales, representing 5x the 1.7 billion in sales ten years… Continue Reading →

Coalition Against Over-Medicating Our Youth – CAOOY

Reading Time: 1 minute Frank J. Granett ADHD Expert & Author The American Epidemic:Solutions for Over-medicating Our Youth Founder: non-profit   Strengthening Business & Behavioral Health Wealth   

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