Benjamin Jurken

Top 5 Myths About Importing From China

Reading Time: 4 minutes By: Benjamin Jurken On the heels of the APEC Summit in Beijing, China and the US have recently announced an agreement to eliminate tariffs on hi-tech products which will mostly likely result in these two great economies being tethered closer… Continue Reading →

Miller Chevalier Optimize Supply-Chains Through Duty-Saving Programs

Reading Time: 5 minutes Richard, before we examine your customs compliance practice deeper, could you provide a brief overview of Miller & Chevalier and the demographics of your client base (size, industry, location, etc.) for those who may not be aware of your firm?… Continue Reading →

The ABC Group LLC

Reading Time: 1 minute Benjamin Jurken welcomes YOU! www.theabcgroupllc.comĀ 

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