AvaCare Medical Affiliate Program



AvaCare Medical is one of the nation’s largest online providers of medical supplies and equipment, based out of Lakewood, New Jersery, has a long history of helping those in their community and beyond. In the wake of hurricane Florence this year, they were there on the front lines of the aftermath with FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adult and Children) to help raise awareness and donations for those who had lost their durable medical supplies and so much more. Included in that desire to reach out and help others is their willingness to partner with other companies to help as much of the masses as possible. In the spirit of helping others acquire the supplies they so very much need, they have started a program to work with other supply companies to not only help those in need of supplies but also to help their fellow businesses.

Forming Partnerships

Now, AvaCare Medical is offering the opportunity for other online supply stores to partner with them in their like-minded goal in serving the community.” If you own a site targeted toward seniors, caregivers or medical professionals and you’re looking for a simple, satisfying way of seeing profit from your site, the AvaCare Medical Affiliate Program is for you!”

Forming a strategic partnership is becoming an increasingly vital element for businesses’. Doing so promotes corporate growth strategies. Executives have been setting aside 20 percent or more of their assets specifically for developing and maintaining these partnerships. These partnerships are helping businesses obtain knowledge and resources, diversifying their product lines and more. You expand your horizons on obtaining new customers, increasing revenue, and expanding your geographical reach and product line.


By joining the affiliate program, you have to chance promote any of AvaCare’s 20,000 available products and make can a profit from every order that is placed through your site via referrals. Some of the benefits of teaming up with AvaCare Medical is the 5% commission you will receive from every sale you make of their products, a 45 day cookie duration (allowing your sites information to be stored on your visitors computers enabling them to more easily find your site and their log in information), and reach a targeted demographic audience of seniors, caregivers, medical professionals and facilities. AvaCare even offers suggestions for search engine optimization stating, “We encourage affiliates to use generic keywords in their search engine optimization. However, affiliates may not use the terms AvaCare Medical, avacaremedical.com or misspellings or variations of these.”

You site visitors will also benefit from a larger selection of products, competitive pricing as well as a price match guarantee, a simple and easy ordering process, additional customer service support, access to buying guides, and promotions and discounts on top of a year round veteran’s discount. They will be sure to love their experience and you will be sure to an abundance of return visitors. To sign up for this affiliation click the AvaCare Medical link at the beginning of this article.