Back To The Office? Improve It First!


The world is a very strange place at the minute. Rewind back a few months and you will no doubt all agree that the world was far more weird then. But with the uncertainty of when life is actually going to return to normal it begs the question of what this means for business. So many small businesses have already perished due to the recent pandemic that managed to shut the world down. Supply chains collapsed and businesses had to find another way to source their needs. When this was impossible and sales dropped, businesses fell through. So for yours to still be going is an achievement. One thing you now might be thinking of is going into the offices. Many businesses around the world were advised to work from home and many have carried this on for as long as possible. But if your time has come to go back into the office you shouldn’t just jump right back into it. Take a few days to think about the many ways that your office life could be improved. We’re going to give you a few of them today! 

Upgrade Your Technology


The technology in your office is going to play a big part in how your office runs. There is nothing worse than being stuck in an office using ancient equipment that’s so slow it slows down to productivity of the day. Not only that, it can give a bad impression to customers if you’re always having issues, such as with your phone. Modern landlines cause so many problems, so why not think about looking at VOIP Providers allow you to be connected via the internet rather than through a landline. It also gives you the opportunity to be far more scalable because you can then take calls on the go through your business number, you don’t need to be in the office to take a business call. For a small business being able to connect with customers on to go is so important. Every contact counts and you don’t want to keep missing those calls. There will no doubt be other bits of technology in your office that need a bit of an upgrade. Monitors and PC’s are usually next in line. 


Add In Some Comfort


There’s nothing worse than being in a really corporate office, although we know that some businesses feel they need to maintain a professional environment. But for what? If you have customers coming in for meetings all the time then we can understand why you can’t have bean bags on the floor and your employees in their comfy clothes. However, if you don’t have customers coming in what’s stopping you from creating that Google inspired environment that will actually see your employees wanting to come into work? A comfy sofa with a stocked fridge full of goodies, a TV for people to watch on their breaks, a chill out area where people can work from a laptop rather than being sat at a desk. There are so many things you could do to change your office that will allow you to have a much better office environment


Revamp It


Talking about ways that you could change your office, why not completely revamp it? Bring in totally new everything, from the walls to the floors. If your employees haven’t been in the office for a while now it would be nice for them to come back to a new working environment and a fresh start. You could bring some color and vibrancy into the room. If you have planning permission you could also think about making your office a lot bigger. Investing money into the room you and your employees are going to spend a lot of time in is so important. 


Bring In Some New Office Rules


You will most likely have had office rules beforehand, and if you have taken the professional corporate route you might have kept it strict. So, we’d advise bringing in some new rules. Allow your employees to listen to music, or to use their phones if they need to, or even be able to have a conversation. Some offices are so strict that even a casual conversation is not allowed. You could also think about bringing in a dress down day in the week if your employees have to wear uniforms. These are just a few changes that you can make to make your office environment far more relaxing and enjoyable for you and your employees to work in, and that always leads to better productivity!