Beginner Watch Buying Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


The world of watches is one that can be overwhelming, with the plethora of options you have as a buyer, and with the amount of information needed to make and good purchase. Many beginners make bad decisions when they first get into collecting watches.


In this article, we’ll show you the most common and overlooked buying mistakes beginners make with watches. These mistakes will be both things to consider when buying, as well as things that are often overlooked after buying. Not only that, we’ll provide you with tips on how to avoid these costly mistakes to make sure you buy the right watch for your collection. Also, it is recommended to explore your options on different watch review sites to make sure further that you only purchase items that are worth your money. You can find helpful watch review guides when you visit this link here–

1.) The Strap that Comes with the Watch

The first one is not really a mistake, but its something most guys overlook when they first start getting into watches. Many watch newcomers believe that they are married to the strap that comes with their watch. Even worse, there are even some people who make an entire watch buying decision based on the watch strap.


One of the best aspects of being a watch collector or enthusiast is having the ability to change the straps based on outfits or just giving a watch a totally different look. So don’t be that guy who thinks that the strap that comes with your watch is permanent. There are a lot of online watch shops where you can buy unique and beautiful straps for you to mix and match with.

2.) The Misleading Concept of Water Resistance

So if you’re buying a watch, and it says “30m Water Resistant.” You’d probably guess that that watch is suitable for being able to swim down 30 meters or at least jump in the pool with it. However, unfortunately, this is completely not true. A watch that is 30-meters water resistant is just splash-proof. In other words, this is not a watch that you want to be getting wet at all.

3.) Expensive Equals Attractive

This tip can save you loads of money down the road of your watch collection journey. Most newcomers have this mindset when it comes to watches that the more expensive the watch, the better looking it will be, and the more authentic they’ll look.


That’s completely a wrong kind of mindset for a beginner. Remember, you don’t buy from the best watch brands yet, especially if you’re just starting out and at a budget. There are a lot of watches under $500, $300 that looks very exquisite and classy. You don’t need to break the bank to have a great watch collection.

4.) Changing Time Reads Between 9 PM and 3 AM

Next up is more of something to avoid after you get a watch and is most prominent in affordable watches; however, it is still best to never do this. The mistake is changing the day or date function when the time of the watch reads between the hours of 9 PM and 3 AM.


The reason for this is fairly simple. Although the date and day change over close to midnight, the gears that make the change happens to engage a little bit earlier in some watches. It takes some extra time for this to disengage completely, and its aftermath. Changing the day or date while the changeover is happening can lead to free and lose parts inside your watch.

5.) Not Understanding the Dimensions of a Watch

This next point is not just what newcomers and beginners experience and overlook, but it’s really every watch enthusiast, and that is understanding the dimensions of a watch. Yes, knowing the case diameter is important; however, it’s not really the most important factor to consider when buying.


Things like case height and lug to lug height are incredibly crucial in determining how a watch will wear on a wrist. There are some 42mm case sized watches fit better than a 40mm one as a result of their case height. Therefore, understanding first your wrist size and what dimensions of a watch best fits you is an essential step in the buying process.



If you’re a beginner watch enthusiast or a seasoned veteran, these tips can really come in handy as guidelines when purchasing a watch for your collection. Keeping these tips in mind will save you from unnecessary expenses and make sure you can always buy the right kind of watch.