Being a Kid at Heart



Written/Edited by: Cassandra Benere

Take a moment to imagine what “grown-ups” would look like playing with toys that they grew up with when they were young. “You’re thinking, ‘exactly what did I play with?’” Has the norm of society taken the “kid” out from us and it’s not there anymore? What if that feeling of being a kid could come back in everyday things we use and even has our children playing with it too. That is what The Jolt Team has created through the creative toy of Brik Tile and Brik Book; letting our imagination and creativity aspire each other near and far.

The Jolt Team is run by founders Brett Miller and David Dripps who have created a product and toy that gives light to the inner kids in us. They first launched The Brik Book, which is a laptop case that you can design yourself using Legos for both Macs and PCs. The Brik Book was featured in Vanity Fair and Oprah Magazine making this product a very personal piece of art work or Brik Book art. This product was launched in March 2015 and just a little over a year later Brik Tile was designed and launched in June 2016.

Brik Tiles are compatible wall tiles that can turn your walls into Lego walls. These tiles can be applied on walls, doors, dressers and more, with having a removable adhesive and can be used multiple times on any smooth surface. With the Brik Tiles there are endless things that can be created and built, such as pixel art, small shelves and cable organizers to name a few things. Being able to build right on any smooth surface like a wall in your home or office where it can be organized, but also showcase art that can be changed by using Legos.

For being entrepreneurs, Miller’s and Dripps’ company began March 2015 through the use of Kickstarter where they launched an idea and had others, with the help of social media and word of mouth, they were able to get funded to create the Brik Book and then Brik Tiles. The company consists of both full and part time employees and their marketing support team located in the Philippians. Even though the Jolt Team is new to the public’s eye, they have already been able to ship orders out of the country which is about half of where their orders come for the Brik products. Some of the main countries that their products are sold to are, London, Spain and Italy. To think something that can be personalized, but has its buyers using their creativity, and even their imagination, to produce a piece of art work that is compatible with smooth surfaces and Macs and PCs. The creativity is not just focused on children, but the “adult” world and even having their products reach into the office spaces of CEOs. Brett Miller sums up what The Jolt Team is trying to convey through their product to the world with, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing (George Bernard Shaw).” The choice is ours, we can stop playing and grow old or play while we grow old. With this inspirational quote that makes him realize that this job of creating toys, the Brik Tiles and Brik Book, could not have made him love his job, but the support and influence from friends that surround him to help make this company a reality. The Jolt Team is reaching out to all ages both young and old to make sure that we still are a kid at heart. Who said a Lego “master piece” could be put on your laptop or be the center of the conversation at a get together with friends and family?

Knowing that Brik Tile and even Brik Book are allowing people to express themselves, be creative and using their imagination, the one main thing that The Jolt Team and Brett Miller would like is to put a smile on someone’s face. With that smile, that is on individual faces, shows how Brik Tiles are being used differently for each individual’s life style. This is one quality that is wonderful about the Brik Tiles is that they are compatible with Legos whatever size or “special block” comes in the box of Legos at the store.

Having a job where you are able to get out of bed and actually love going to work because it is something you love to do/have a passion for, changes how things can run in a company and growing a company too. Brett Miller looks for qualities in individuals that need no instruction, don’t need someone always looking over their shoulder and being innovated. Right now the Jolt Team has team members in China, Philippians and in India; all across the world this company is connected to one another.

Being connected to many different people around the world through business can be an insight to others, but to do something that you love or have a passion for, can be far more enjoyable. Miller recommends to love what you are doing, love your work, do not settle and find a competitive advantage. These insights, for growing businesses and their owners, can inspire everyone to do what they love, even when it means that having fun can get the job done.



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