Benefits of Keeping Your Office Clean and Pest-free


It appears as a norm for an office building to go through hard times of getting rid of the local pests that moved in as soon as the paint started to dry. While ridding yourself of ants and roaches seems to be straight forward, some may go unnoticed until they end up sitting at your desk.

The Importance of a Clean Office

 Keeping a clean office space is very important for the health of the staff. However, in some instances, you may only be able to keep it as clean as possible. It isn’t uncommon for commercial business buildings to allow basement storage for the companies that rent space. These areas are perfect for roaches and mice to move into and then slowly around the rest of the building as they see fit. 

Many people are aware that pests like roaches carry with them a myriad of germs and bacteria that are harmful to humans such as Salmonella, parasitic worms, and E.coli etc. Unfortunately, they are not aware of the same dangers posed by squirrels. While many of the diseases today are contacted through direct interaction with the animals knowingly or unknowingly. It is vital to ensure the office is clean and does not create any space for harbouring unwanted animals.

Eco-Friendly Ways to keep your office clean

It can be tempting to pull out harsh chemicals and traps at the first sign of squirrels. Keeping the office clean and, discouraging them can be done in ways pleasing to the nose and not harmful to the environment. 

  •  Fix any leaks – every animal loves water. Leaking pipes and dripping faucets are engraved invitations to a party at the new watering hole.
  •  Clean inside and outside trash containers – dirty containers have food residue in them and on them, attracting a variety of pest including rats and roaches.
  •  Discourage bird feeders – many pests including squirrels are attracted to the bread and nuts that use to feed pigeons or any other birds.

It’s important to understand that squirrel’s diets can depend on what is in the local area. Consequently, having squirrel removal near me is necessary when considering wildlife removal. Animal control companies will be familiar with what food source is attracting the squirrels near you.

 Benefits of Clean and Healthy office

There are several benefits to keeping a clean office. The top among them is the diminished presence of the local unwanted animals getting more out of the employees’ lunches than they are. Not to mention employees will feel safe getting items out of dark closets and cabinets. Clients will also appreciate not being greeting by the receptionist that prefers to throw acorns rather than smile when they enter. A cleaner and healthier office lead to an increase in employee productivity and client satisfaction. 

Keeping a pest-free office does not have to turn into the chore that frightens half the staff. After all, when the going gets tough, the tough should call a professional.